Weight Lifting for Weight Loss


Losing weight is a tricky business. You can do it but the chances are you are not doing it right. There are numerous weight loss tips backed up by weight lifting programs. Approaches are many; you just need to learn what works and what doesn’t. People often say that if you want to lose weight you need to incorporate a cardio program in your training schedule. True, but what about lifting weight? There is a wrong perception amongst people about weight lifting and is somehow always portrayed with a picture of a huge guy pounding a lot of weight. Let me tell you that this is a wrong perception; weight lifting can help you lose fat and weight in an effective manner.

It is a fact that if you want to lose weight and keep it off you have to follow a healthy diet, perform cardio and weight lifting because this will improve your weight loss potential and will give you a better physical appearance. Skip either of these steps and you will fail.

I know that you are all aware of the fact that when your body makes a move it requires energy. If you do not have any energy to burn then your body will attack the fat cells in order to get some energy. These things happen in your body every day, even when you sleep your body needs a certain amount of energy. The most important aspect in weight loss is to establish from where your body will get this energy, from fat cells or from food. Remember, if you are lactose intolerant or a diabetic it those affect you if you want to use protein powders. But don’t worry, we got you. Read all about it in our article about best diabetic protein powders and lactose-free protein powders.

Weight lifting helps your body accumulate more energy even when you are resting, which is turn creates a greater force for the body to burn fat cells.

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss – Know the Difference

Another important advantage of weight training is that it will change your body’s composition. Cardio can be a beneficial factor for weight loss, but weight lifting is very important for fat loss. Fat loss is the most difficult part in the process to lose weight. If you manage to accelerate the fat burning process you will lose weight faster. For example if you are doing some cardio exercises you are going to lose weight but your body will look the same, and the reason is simple, you have not altered the ratio of body fat to muscle mass, you just look smaller and weight less. If you are doing a weight lifting training you can actually change your physical appearance, because your body fat will be gradually burned off and will be replaced with muscles.

Muscles are the Key

Muscles play a huge role in increasing your metabolism, which is the mechanism in your body that controls how fast or slow you will be able to lose weight. The more muscles you have the bigger is your metabolism. Indicative, a pound of muscles may help you burn about 10-20 calories a day, while a pound of fat burns only 5 calories. That means that any growth in your muscle tissues is going to help you burn more calories.

For some people weight lifting is scary, especially if you’ve never done it before. “The machines…the dumbbells…the people who seem to know what they’re doing…it’s enough to make anyone skip weight lifting altogether” – this is the general opinion of most people. These fears are not based on facts, you have to take your time, you have to follow a good weight training program slowly and your muscles will eventually grow. As your muscle strength increases you can increase the weights you work with and get even better results.

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