Super Power Rack: Reviewed


The Super Power Rack, like the name say, it is a sturdy but flexible power rack. But, why is this rack better than the others? Because it is lightweight. Yes, lightweight which makes his movements more quicker and with ease.

The Super Power Rack has a holding weight capacity of 1000lbs, and comes with an Olympic plate holder. It’s easy to assemble, easy to move, makes the perfect and best choice for home fitness, for people who are not fitness fanatics, but still they want to maintain fit and healthy. You can easily do your bench press alone, heavy back squats without any spotter. And it is safe!


The Super Power Rack comes in 80 pounds boxes, it’s easily to assemble. The rack measures 82.5” in height, 48.5” in depth and 48” width. That means you have plenty of space for your daily workouts. The Super Power Rack offers a chin bar on front, “J” hooks, round 1” solid steeled pins which allow you to apply any weight you want to, without breaking the rack. 28 holes featured by numbers with 2” distance between them, for adjustments that you can make during your workouts.

The Super Power rack is amazing for the various exercises you can do with it. It comes coated with a black powder color, which makes it non-scratchable.


The Super Power Rack is the best buy for you guys, who still want to maintain your shape, without any stress for the room, space, or moving it around. Yes, the rack’s lightweight makes it more maneuverable, easy, and no time-consuming. It’s easy to assemble it since from the shipping it’s almost assembled. It’s solid, offers you the security you need when you heavyweight lift or just heavy back squats. It’s at your choice, for what exercise you will use the Super Power Rack.

You can add crossover attachments or barbell trays, anything you want, and this power rack will help you with his versatility for your training. The best thing? It’s cheap. Yes, lots of customers that purchased it, stated about the rack, that is cheap, but still very usable. This makes the rack a best buys choice!

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