Impex Marcy Platinum Power Rack Review


The Impex Marcy Platinum Power Rack is the best choice for beginners. Made from 14 gauge steel, this power rack offers security and safety along with the versatility of more than 20 training exercises. This rack allows weight bars up to 7 feet making it perfect for strength exercises. The Impex Marcy Platinum Power Rack gives you the comfort you need when training being equipped with upholstered seats made of black vinyl. The seats are resistant to water, odor, rust, rain, tear, and sweat, but still comfortable. The rear coupled and front stabilizers makes the rack very sturdy and balanced.


The Marcy Pro Power Rack is made of 14 gauge steel, making it more durable, offering you more safety for your workouts. The power rack offers you a pull-up bar, which can hold more than 600lbs fully equipped with safety catches. The rack is painted with a durable power coat, the bar, the dip handles, and the safety catches being chromed. The dimensions are huge, very useful for any type of individual giving you the variety that you need with the height of 85”, the width of 45” and the depth of 64”. No more than that, The Marcy Pro Power Rack is lightweight, weighting only 176lbs, despite of how much this rack has to offer.


The Impex Marcy Platinum Rack is your best buy. It can help you make more than 20 exercises, very good for strength workouts. This rack accepts a weight bar with a size of 7 feet, making it the best choice for you weight lifters. This rack is produced by Impex, a company which produce high-quality power racks. This rack versatility makes it a perfect choice for people who want to strengthen their muscles, such as hamstrings, inner thighs, outer thighs, glutes, quads, arms, calves, shoulders, and more. The Impex Marcy Platinum Rack can be adjusted for your large variety of exercises, it’s stable, sturdy, and even more this rack is durable. Made from industrial steel, this rack minimizes with lots the chance of injuries. The bench is adjustable, incline, and decline on a sliding track perfect for the positions you need for your workout. The bench is not attached and is ideal for dumbbell workouts. The safety bar can be moved in all the 8 different holes giving you the extra safety you need. This rack comes with an warranty certificate of two years and a price under 500$, which makes it a best buy for you because nowadays it’s hard to find a high quality rack that is offering you a bench included!

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