How To Use A Squat Rack To Tighten And Lift


I’m not the fittest person in the world. The gym is somewhere I regularly frequent, but I’m no bodybuilder. When I first saw a squat rack, I was confused about how to use a squat rack.

Fortunately, the gym is full of people who know way more than I do. Finally, I saw someone use it and was amazed by how it assisted them in their work out.

Are you curious about how to use a squat rack? Before you purchase one or use one at the gym, you need to know how to use a squat rack.


How to Use a Squat Rack

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A squat rack is a tool that helps someone looking to lift weights, perform short lifts. It’s usually a metal stand that supports a barbell and various size weights.

To use it, place a barbell with or without weights on the rack and position yourself underneath it. Make sure your shoulders are underneath the barbell and go into a squatting area by standing up then squatting down. This position will help you to determine how high or low you should put your weights.

Well, now that you are familiar with one way to use a squat rack, did you know that there are others? Take a look at these five ways to use a squat rack.

5 Ways to Use a Squat Rack


woman lifting a barbel in the squat rack

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If there’s one thing to like about a squat rack, it’s the versatility. You can do a broad assortment of exercises and create a great combination of workouts with this one machine. To get the most of your experience, learn a few ways to use a squat rack.

1. Squat


This one sounds a bit obvious, but the most well-known use for a squat rack is to do a squat. You will go into a crouching position with knees bent, and have your butt thrust out towards the heels.

Check out the proper form:


2. Deadlift

The next way to use a squat rack is to do a deadlift. This exercise is when you use a bar or a loaded barbell, lift it from the ground to hip level then lower it back down to the ground.Proper form is important, so here’s a visual to help:


3. Standing overhead press

Want to work your shoulders? Then try a standing overhead press. You will place the barbell on your collar bone, lift the bar over your head with your arms locked, and then lower it back down to the collarbone/chest area.You might already know how to do an overhead press, but here’s how to utilize a squat rack while performing this exercise.


4. Barbell lunges

To put that core to work, try barbell lunges. For this exercise, you’ll place the barbell on the back of your shoulders, step forward with one leg while keeping your torso upright, then go back to do the other leg.Sometimes it’s hard to visualize, and we want you to use proper form, so here’s a personal trainer to show you how it’s done:


5. Barbell bent-over row

To work out your back, try a barbell bent-over row. This final one will have you holding the barbell while you bend at the waist, lift it while you keep the elbows in, squeeze the back muscles, then bring the barbell back down.In case you don’t get it, here’s Anton to show you:


Is a Squat Rack for You?

Now that you know different ways to use a squat rack, are you going to use one at your local gym? You can also create a home gym with a squat rack, but do you know where to get one?

If you are looking to get a squat rack of your own, check this one out for a high-quality version. Weightlifting is great for muscle gain as well as weight loss, so learning how to use a squat rack can be helpful no matter where you are on your health and fitness journey.

Did learning how to use a squat rack help you? Let us know in the comments below how you use a squat rack!


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