Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage In-Depth Review


Do you want to get a good, intense workout from the comfort of your own home? Gone are the days when you had to go to the gym to work on your gains. It’s now easier than ever to set up your own home gym & get the physique you’ve always wanted.

Many different kinds of fitness equipment may find their place in your home gym, but a power cage (also referred to as a power rack) is certainly one of the best. Power cages are used for strength training. They allow for many different workouts and also feature a weight bench for lifting.

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max is a power cage that stands out from the rest for many reasons. However, it’s true selling point is the price. Never before has it been so cheap and so easy to turn your home into a powerful exercise unit!

If you want to take your strength training to the next level, we want to make sure you know your options. Read on to learn our honest thoughts on this budget power cage.

What is a Power Cage and Why Do You Need One?

Before we delve further into the specs of this particular power cage, let’s have a quick briefing just in case you’re new to power racks.

If you’ve never used a power cage before, you may at first not realize the benefits of using one over simply buying all of the components one by one. Long story short: the main benefit of a power cage lies in its versatility and its space-saving. 

Instead of spending money on things such as a power rack, an exercise bench, dips bars, and weight plate storage, you can buy a power cage that provides all of that and then some — at a much lower price. It’s also compact, and let’s not kid ourselves, it simply looks really, really cool.

What can I use a power cage for?

Power racks are ideal for strength training. You can use them for countless exercises without ever leaving the house. 


Some of the most popular uses of power racks include:

  • CrossFit
  • Powerlifting
  • Muscle building
  • Burning fat
  • Olympic lifting
  • Core exercises
  • Deadlifts
  • Bodybuilding
  • Many more

There aren’t many pieces of gym equipment that provide you with all these possibilities. Even if they do exist, let’s be realistic: they usually cost a whole lot more than Fitness Reality 810XLT.

Why do I need a power cage?

As mentioned above, the versatility is the main reason why you’d want to buy a power cage. From overhead presses, through squats, to chin-ups, a power cage is going to become your ultimate gym buddy and personal trainer all in one. A power cage covers everything you need and then some.

What are some other reasons why you should consider getting yourself a power cage?

  • Budget — It’s not just that Fitness Reality is cheap, it’s also that power cages are cost-effective. Instead of buying equipment piece-by-piece, you get everything in one handy package — at a reduced price. Also, owning a power rack will save you money on that gym membership you’ve been paying for a while now.
  • Safety — At the gym, you’d need someone to help you workout — you’d need a spotter. As a power cage has safety spotters and other safety measures, you can work out all by yourself.
  • Convenience — Having a personal gym in your home, in the basement or in the garage, helps you stay on top of your workouts. You’ll be more consistent, you’ll avoid the crowds, and you’ll save on gas going back and forth to the gym.

Doesn’t that sound quite tempting? It’s about to get even better. Keep reading to learn more about Fitness Reality 810XLT in particular.

Product Overview

Fitness Reality 810XLT is a power cage that appeals to many exercise lovers. With its more-than-acceptable pricing, 800 lb weight capacity, and a whopping 19 workout levels, it’s a very solid contender on the power cage market. Recommended by thousands of happy users, it just might be the right cage for you.

Fitness Reality sells this power rack in several variants:

  • Power cage with lat pull-down
  • Power cage with weight bench combo
  • Power cage only
  • Lat pull-down attachment only

Moreover, you can buy some extra attachments to further customize your power rack. Some examples include:

  • J-hooks
  • Dips bars
  • Weight plate storage

All of this, even with the extra attachments, is still a cheap solution that outperforms the competitors. You may be wondering — if it’s so cheap, is it still safe and durable? Let us ease your mind and talk about the build and durability.

Build & Durability

The 810XLT appears to be rather sturdy, especially for such a budget rack. It’s definitely well-made and it showcases a great deal of attention to detail from the manufacturers. It’s worth noting that this is a closed power rack without the open top, so it’s perfect for bodybuilding in particular.

This power cage is fairly light. Normally, you’re likely to be looking for the weight of the rack to be in the 175-200lbs range. However, the 810XLT weighs in at around 133lbs. This does mean that stability may be slightly affected. On the other hand, if you were to shop for a power rack that weighs 200lbs, you’d be paying twice the price. As such, for a budget option, we are not going to complain.

It features 2″ x 2″ steel tubing & a square steel frame construction with a thickness of 00.86 (14-gauge steel). The gauge is higher than the industry-standard 11 gauge, but it doesn’t have a negative effect on the stability.

Some power racks are bolted to the floor, but the 810XLT is standalone. Combined with its medium weight, this might mean that it will sometimes tilt forward during some exercises. However, most users don’t run into such problems — you just have to workout inside the cage.

The Fitness Reality 810XLT power cage had been built to fit the 7ft Olympic bar length. This is a standard in the industry. The bars are durable and stable, made out of solid chromed steel and measuring at 23″ in length. Fitness Reality offers J hooks for separate purchase, but you can get any J hooks on Amazon, too.


Assembling this power rack is easy. You don’t need to have much of a knack for DIY — all you need is a socket set and a wrench, a bit of time, and a bit of patience.

Keep in mind that you should fasten every screw and socket as tightly as possible. This will help keep the power cage stable even if you use it a lot.

Space & Storage

The complete measurements of this power rack are 50.5 L x 46.5 W x 83.5 H inches. It’s spacious enough to allow for just about any workout you might want from a power cage. It’s quite tall, so if you’ve got a low ceiling in your gym, take precise measurements first.

If you ever run into storage problems, you can always fold the Fitness Reality 810XLT and put it away. You’ll be glad that it’s not bolted to the floor!


As far as attachments go, Fitness Reality truly shines. There are power racks out there that don’t have half the customization options that this cage does — and they cost twice as much!

If you buy the power cage without the exercise bench, you can buy one directly from Fitness Reality later on. You can also get yourself some dip bars or plate storage that doubles as j-hooks and dip bars. Plate storage is an especially welcome addition here, as it saves you from having to bend down whenever you add a plate.

Dip bars are also highly recommended if you’re looking for attachments and addons for the 810XLT. Dips do wonders for lower chest development & adding lower pec mass.

Power Cage Depth

Many bodybuilders, both experienced and new, pay a lot of attention to depth when buying a new power rack. When it comes to depth, we look at two kinds: the walk-in depth and the depth of the space between the upright pillars in your cage.

If you’re a powerlifter, you won’t have to worry much about depth. This is because the bar travels in a straight line for your exercises, such as deadlifts or presses. However, if you’re into bodybuilding, additional depth will help you with curling and extensions.

The depth here should be at a minimum of 23-24″ pillar-to-pillar. This kind of depth allows for many types of exercises.


As we mentioned before, 810XLT has a capacity of 800lbs. This is impressive for a power rack priced so low. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you’re probably going to be satisfied with this kind of capacity. If, however, you want something above 800lbs, you have to be prepared to shell out more money.


While the capacity is where 810XLT shines, hole spacing is where it slightly falters. The industry gold standard for hole spacing is somewhere between 1″-1.5″. Unfortunately, the 810XLT has a hole spacing of 3″.

Whether this is a big issue is up to you. If you mostly do squats, you’ll be just fine and you won’t even notice. On the other hand, if you’re into bench pressing, you might dislike how wide the spacing is.

Pros & Cons

You’ve gotten the in-depth information about the Fitness Reality 810XLT power cage. Before we let you go, take a look at the pros and cons of this particular power rack.


  • Easy assembly
  • Wide walk-in closed design
  • Huge capacity for this price range (800lbs)
  • Great cost-effectiveness ratio
  • Relatively stable
  • An impressive amount of attachments for a budget rack
  • Compatible with the 1000lbs weight bench
  • Safety catches with thick steel pins
  • Adjustable bar thanks to the uprights that have 28 holes each


  • The spacing between holes is too wide (3″)
  • Fairly light (133 lbs vs the standard 175-200 lbs)
  • Uprights do not feature Westside spacing

Who is This Power Rack For?


You’ve got the full rundown on Fitness Reality 810XLT. We hope that we were able to answer most of your burning questions. However, you might still be asking yourself — is this rack good for me? 

It’s a good question, as some power cages are not suited for either beginners or advanced users. Let’s talk about who will get the most out of the 810XLT.

Beginners vs Experienced Users

At a surface level, the 810XLT will suit most users, even those with years of experience under their belts. It’s certainly a great budget option, so even if you’re a bodybuilder with big goals, you may be satisfied with this power cage. However, the 810XLT is best suited for beginner and intermediate lifters.

As it has an 800 lbs capacity, you should be accustomed to working with a maximum of 400 lbs at a time. If you tend to work with more, you may find this model a bit lacking. The lack of staggered hole spacing also dictates the kinds of exercises you will or will not be able to perform.

On the other hand, even experienced users enjoy this power rack for its safety measures. You’ll be able to do your lifts all by yourself, in the comfort of your own home, whenever you feel like it. Considering how cheap it is, how adjustable, and how stable, it’s a great mid-end option for most users.


A power cage is a fantastic solution if you want to workout at home. Whether you want to build mass or muscle, bulk up, work on your deadlifts, or simply get in shape, you’re bound to find something you like in the 810XLT.

While this power rack is best suited for beginner-to-intermediate users, even experienced lovers of strength training will enjoy it. Replace your gym membership with your very own power cage. You’ll save money, time, and you’ll definitely get the most of your training routine.

If this one is not for you, be sure to take a look at the Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower.

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