The Duffalo Bar: A Uniquely Shaped Bar for Weightlifting


Weight lifting isn’t just for image-obsessed gym rats, as popular culture often makes it out to be. Instead, it’s a crucial part of maintaining your health and tools as the Duffalo Bar can help.

Studies show that weight training can help you boost your metabolism, get better sleep, and a whole host of other benefits. It’s an incredible tool for weight loss, but it’s also effective for your overall health.

A gym membership offers one way to experience the benefits of weight lifting. But if you really want to get involved, a home gym becomes essential. Stocked with all the right equipment, that gym can help you meet all your healthy goals. But is the Duffalo Bar something you should invest in for your home gym?

What Is the Duffalo Bar?

Every weight room needs barbells. However, not all barbells are created equal. The Duffalo Bar offers an innovative bent shape to help you get better results. That bend ensures that your joints will stay in the right position, and reduces shoulder strain. It also positions you for proper lat engagement during a squat or press.

Your back isn’t perfectly straight, so why should your barbell be? The bent shape lets it lie properly across your shoulders for stability and comfort.

What Makes the Duffalo Bar Special?

From an outsiders’ perspective, it may be hard to see why a bent barbell makes such a big difference. Sure, it’s more comfortable, but is it really worth the high cost? However, safety is one concern many people face when they start lifting weights. If you use incorrect form or make certain mistakes, you can seriously injure yourself. With the Duffalo Bar, you’re taking a step towards safety and protecting yourself when you lift.

The bar keeps you in the correct position, reducing the risk of injury. And, if you already have shoulder or joint problems, the Duffalo Bar will allow you to lift when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Your weight sessions will feel better when you use this carefully designed piece of equipment.

How Much Does the Duffalo Bar Cost?

Compared to other barbells, the Duffalo Bar definitely clocks in at a high price point. However, for serious weight lifters, no price is too high for safety. After all, it’s less expensive to buy a high-quality barbell than to face hefty medical bills after an injury. And if you have wrist, elbow, or shoulder issues, you have even more reason to make the investment.

How We Reviewed

Few barbells land in the same category as the Duffalo Bar. However, the last few years have seen a few more curved barbells hit the market. These picks land closest to the Duffalo Bar in terms of quality and purpose. To review the competitors, we weighed the words of real consumers, as well as professional review sites. Here’s what we found out.

The Duffalo Bar’s Competition

These competitors all land at a significantly lower price point than the Duffalo Bar. But sometimes, you get what you pay for. Let’s weigh the pros and cons to see if the lower-priced competitors can meet the Duffalo Bar’s high standards.

Titan Bison Bar

First, we have the Titan Bison Bar. It falls in the low price range for curved barbells, yet has very good reviews. This bar clocks in at 87 inches long, so it’s a little shorter than the Duffalo’s 95 inches. The Titan doesn’t have the same quality of engineering that the Duffalo Bar has. But for the low price, it does a pretty good job.


  • Reasonable cost
  • Improved range of motion
  • Comfortable to use


  • Shorter length
  • Minimal knurling
  • Limited engineering

Although you may get better results with the high-tech Duffalo Bar, the Titan lets you try out the concept without paying the steep price.

TDS Bow Bar

The TDS bow bar offers another alternative to the Duffalo. This bar has a mid-range price. It’s chrome-plated and 92 inches long, making it closer in length to the Duffalo Bar. All bowed weight bars have slightly different shapes, so it’s not an exact match to the Duffalo.


  • Durable at high weights
  • Great range of motion for benching
  • Thick bar feels good in the hands


  • Collars don’t spin easily
  • Knurling doesn’t last
  • Chrome plating makes the bar slippery

If you want to commit to a fancier bar, but aren’t quite ready for the Duffalo’s price point, this can make a good alternative.

Ader Olympic Safety Squat Bar

Finally, this safety squat bar from Ader offers a slight alternative to the “buffalo bar” design. It’s also in the mid-range of prices, although higher than the TDS Bow Bar.

This squat bar has a raised middle with a squared curve, rather than the soft curve of the buffalo-bar style. However, it has padded shoulders to add comfort to the flat shape. You can use it with a rack, bench press, or squat stand, so it has versatility similar to the Duffalo Bar.


  • Excellent packaging
  • Comfortable hand grips
  • High-quality knurling


  • Slightly imbalanced for some users
  • Handles don’t come off for benching
  • High cost

The safety bar design isn’t quite the same as the Duffalo Bar, but it serves the same basic purpose. If you want something even nicer than the TDS, but without the Duffalo’s price, this option makes a worthwhile investment.

Duffalo Bar Pros and Cons

Now, let’s see where the Duffalo Bar stands with its pros and cons.

These main benefits might entice you to pay the bar’s steep price:

  • Incredible engineering and quality
  • Maximum comfort during weight sessions
  • Safe and pain-free with minimal shoulder stress

However, these concerns might make you turn to one of the competitors instead:

  • Very high price
  • Doesn’t sit properly in most power racks
  • Takes time to adjust to the shape

Overall, the Duffalo Bar offers a best-in-class “buffalo bar” style. However, not everyone may want to pay the high cost, especially if you don’t yet know if you like a curved weight bar.

Is the Duffalo Bar Right for You?

If you can afford it, and like the curved bar style, then the answer is yes. And if you have serious pain or injuries to contend with, it’s worthwhile to pay more for the Duffalo’s excellent construction. However, if you’ve never tried a buffalo bar before, you may want to start with a lower-priced version to get a feel for the style. Then, if you like it, you can upgrade in the future.

If you’re new to the world of weight lifting, you might not yet feel ready for the Duffalo Bar. But we can help you learn what you need — check out our guide to using a squat rack safely next! Have you ever tried a curved bar? What did you think of it? Share your experience in the comments below!