11 Best Weightlifting Shoes: Buying Tips From Specialists


In the past raw strength, passion, and sheer force of will was all you needed as a competitive weight lifter. It’s become a technical sport thanks to decades of innovation in associated tools and techniques around the sport. Now, even your choice of weightlifting shoes has a direct effect on your performance.

Finding the right pair of weight lifting shoes is not as easy as it may seem, for there are many factors to consider. So, let’s not waste any more time looking at some of the best weightlifting shoes in the market, as well as a few other vital tit-bits that will guide you to a worthy purchase. That way, you save yourself some hustle and get back to doing what you do best; smashing those records!

Why Do You Need A Quality Pair Of Weightlifting Shoe?

Weightlifting shoes are designed to help lifters active more muscle groups and fibers. They allow you to anchor your feet firmly to the ground so you can exert more force while lifting. The best pair of weightlifting shoes also cushion your heels as you lift. This is something you can’t do with a pair of running shoes or with your bare feet.

Here are a few more reasons why you need the best pair of weightlifting shoes;

Enhanced lifting power: Weightlifting shoes have thick yet flexible soles. They also come with tighter lacing and closure options. Such features combine to ensure you get optimal comfort and support as you lift heavy loads.

Increased muscle tissue mass: Weightlifting shoes expand and contract with your muscles as they flex and tighten. This ensures your feet and the muscles that support them remain safe as you lift or drop weights.

Greater ankle mobility: Most weightlifting shoes have elevated heels that enhance your range of motion. This allows you to perform deeper squats without sustaining an injury from the additional weight of barbells and other dead weights.

Accommodate a versatile range of motions: Weightlifting shoes are designed to accommodate the types of movements weightlifters need to work out and lift weights. They take on the high level of force you create when powering through each lift. And they soothe your muscles when you rest, walk or perform cardio workouts.

What Are Best Weightlifting Shoes On The Market?

Reebok Legacy Lifter Weightlifting Shoes

Reebok Men's Legacy Lifter Sneaker, Black/White/Silver, 15 M US
  • Shell type: synthetic and mesh
  • Origin: USA
  • Sole: rubber
  • Closure type: lace-up and two Velcro straps
  • Standout Features: standard shoelace-up strengthened by two Velcro straps

If you want to improve your squat, then the reebok legacy lifter is your shoe. It comes with a broad and raised back heel strengthened by stacked leather for maximum support. The stiff heel offers balance when performing heavy lifts.

Its also equipped with a higher boot for additional ankle protection. The wider toe box gives room for your toes to contract without feeling the pain that comes with regular shoes. For maximum comfort when lifting, this marvelous shoe comes equipped with double Velcro straps, which fit like a glove.


1. Two Velcro closing straps

2. Wide toe box

3. Raised heel


1. A bit too long and wide

2. It only comes in four colors

Adidas Powerlift 4 Weightlifting Shoes

adidas Men's Powerlift 4 Cross Trainer, Black/Black/Solar Gold, 7
  • Shell type: canvas
  • Origin: USA
  • Sole: rubber
  • Closure Type: Hook and loop
  • Standout Features: narrow fit with a midsole wedge strengthened by a rubber outsole.

The Adidas Powerlift 4 is a favorite for many, including professional athletes. Its parent company is deeply rooted in sports. So expect nothing but the best from these weightlifting shoes. The Adidas Powerlift 4 is the king when it comes to cross fitting shoes.

However, what makes this shoe so unique? The Adidas powerlift comes equipped with a midsole wedge and a 2cm heel. The sole provides maximum support and balance when powerlifting. Its wide instep strap and rubber outsole provide stability while keeping your feet rooted to the ground.

But one of its best features is its hook and loop closure system. This feature provides an excellent fit and grip.


  1. Best for powerlifting
  2. Highly durable
  3. Comfortable and stylish


  1. Not ideal for weightlifting
  2. Velcro straps annoying during squats

Adidas Adipower II Weightlifting Shoes

adidas Men's Adipower Weightlifting II Cross Trainer, Black/White, 8 M US
  • Shell type: 100% leather
  • Origin: Germany
  • Sole: rubber
  • Closure type: adjustable hook and loop
  • Standout Features: anti-slip rubber outsole with vent flow openings for comfort.

The Adidas Adipower is designed for support under heavy loads. The shoe is equipped with a mesh tongue, collar, and power strap across the laces. The Adidas Adipower provides maximum grip during lifts. It’s also a light shoe thanks to an injected lightweight polymer. The shoe is coated with PU leather to provide comfort.

But one of its best features is its vent flow openings. These openings provide air circulation throughout the Adidas Adipower shoe cooling your feet during those intense weightlifting sessions. The experience is equal to a cold mint drink during summer. The Adidas Adipower not only provides comfort during lifting but also style and class.


  1. Vent flow openings
  2. Light shoe
  3. Best fit and grip


  1. Unsuitable for clean and jerk
  2. Durability issues

Nike Romaleos 3 Weightlifting Shoes

Romaleos 3 Men Weightlifting Training Shoe (852933-600) Size 15 Red-Black
  • Sole: rubber
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Fabric material: synthetic
  • Standout Features: outsole made of honeycomb tread patterns to increase stability and traction.

The Nike Romaleos 3 is a shoe of its kind. With a sporty look, it performs just as well as it looks. The Nike Romaloes 3 delivers maximum grip and traction thanks to its honeycomb tread patterns. Dubbed by athletes as the lifter, it doesn’t disappoint. It comes fitted with a very tall heel raise and super firm sole and insole.

This shoe gives the best stability for squats and deadlifts. It also comes with a patched version. These include five exclusive logo patches that you can use to customize your shoe. How cool! They are narrow shoes with a wide toe box, giving you a grip like never before. Last but not least, it comes with interchangeable insoles. You can swap them during long lifting sessions.


  1. Interchangeable insoles
  2. Honeycomb tread patterns
  3. Customizable logo patterns


  1. Easy wear and tear
  2. Bad for powerlifting

Inov-8 Weightlifting Shoes

Inov-8 Men's F-lite 245 Training Shoe for Functional Fitness and Running - Khaki/Gum - 11.5
  • Shell type: 100% synthetic
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Sole: rubber
  • Closure system: Velcro strap with laces underneath.
  • Standout Features: POWER-TRUSS technology with a shock-absorbing raised heel for maximum stability.

The Inov-8 stands out from the entire weightlifting shoes. With its futuristic look, be guaranteed its design is also way ahead of our time. The Inov-8 is designed with Met-Cradle technology, which ensures total harmony during the foot gait cycle and its interaction with the terrain. Combining POWER-TRUSS and Met-cradle technology provides the shoe with complete comfort.

The Inov-8 is excellent for performing all types of lifting. It has a sticky sole compound that keeps you rooted to the ground. Its wide toe box gives your feet space to expand and contract. The Velcro strap provides stability mid-foot. Aside from its outstanding performance, it’s also a gorgeous shoe. Be sure you will get glances and compliments at the gym.


  1. Beautiful shoe
  2. Shock absorbing raised sole
  3. Light in weight


  1. Easy wear and tear
  2. Unsuitable for Olympic lifts

Otomix Men’s Weightlifting Shoes

Otomix Men's Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing Weightlifting MMA Shoes Black 9
  • Shell type: 100% polyester
  • Origin: China
  • Sole: rubber
  • Outer material: suede and synthetic
  • Standout Features: higher boot space for ankle stability.

The Otomix has been manufacturing shoes since 1998.designed for years to perfection; this shoe gives the best weightlifting experience. Also known as the ninja warrior, the atomic lives up to its name. Made with a broader toe box, it’s perfect for wider feet. It also has a thin insole that fits well. This shoe is lightweight yet extremely durable.

The Otomix is also designed for half sizes to provide the perfect fit. It comes in a wide range of varieties, such as the ninja warrior and stingray. With such options, you can genuinely connect to your spirit animal while lifting. The Otomix shoe also looks great with its different color schemes. So go down to the store today and grab yourself a pair. You won’t be disappointed!


  1. Narrow foot design
  2. Durable
  3. Light in weight


  1. Unsuitable for Olympic lifting
  2. Flat sole

Adidas Men’s Power Perfect Three Cross Trainer

adidas Men's Power Perfect 3 Cross Trainer, core Black/Night Met./Signal Coral, 10 M US
  • Shell type: hybrid fibers
  • Origin: USA
  • Sole: synthetic
  • Shaft height: 6-12 inches
  • Standout Features: die-cut wedge midsole for best heel support.

These shoes are perfect for weightlifting. They are equipped with a mesh forefoot and air mesh collar. This feature provides excellent air circulation to cool your feet during lifts. These weightlifting shoes also offer enough foot space due to their wide fit. The durable Adiwear outsole also enhances these weightlifting shoes’ durability.

The die-cut midsole and wide toe box provide comfort and flexibility during lifts. Your feet also remain dry and relaxed due to the mesh toe box. They are engineered with an instep strap for optimum stability. The heels are made of synthetic reinforced rubber, ensuring it doesn’t deform under heavy loads. All these features combined in one shoe make the Adidas power perfect for Olympic lifting.


  1. Air mesh toe-box
  2. Premium quality
  3. Flexible and comfortable


  1. Unsuited for powerlifting
  2. Not aesthetically pleasing

Nordic MEGIN Weightlifting Shoes

Nordic Lifting Powerlifting Shoes for Heavy Weightlifting - Men's Squat Shoe - MEGIN (Black, 12 US)
  • Outer material: single mesh lining, hard EVA, and rubber plate
  • Closure type: lace-up
  • Origin: USA
  • Sole: rubber
  • Standout Features: single mesh lining, hard EVA, and rubber plate.

The Nordic MEGIN powerlifting shoes are one of a kind. It’s carefully crafted with premium quality materials for style and comfort. Such features make it an ideal choice for powerlifters and bodybuilders. It comes with a sturdy Velcro strap and raised heel. Its stable base makes it suitable for squats. This gives it an almost Olympic standard of foot stability and support. These weightlifting shoes are designed with a wide foot sole giving them a perfect stable base.

These weightlifting shoes are also reinforced with tight stitching for unwavering support. Some users even swear that using these shoes significantly reduces knee pain during power lifts and deadlifts. Granted, it is not that aesthetically pleasing weightlifting shoe. But it more than makes up for that with its outstanding performance. It comes highly recommended for clean and jerk lifters. For most, these weightlifting shoes feel like a hard rubber block. So, there’re primary used for powerlifting, squat, and deadlifting.


  1. Sturdy but comfortable Velcro straps
  2. Wide outer foot sole
  3. Adequate sizing options


  1. Flimsy for some
  2. Limited ankle mobility

NOBULL Men’s Weightlifting Shoes

NOBULL Men's Arctic Heather Trainer 11.5 US
  • Shell type:100% synthetic
  • Outer material: canvas
  • Sole: rubber
  • Closure type: lace-up
  • Standout Features: super one-piece fabric for extreme durability.

The NOBULL men’s training and weightlifting shoes can be an ace under your sleeves. It’s suitable for all kinds of weightlifting and cardio workout sessions. It’s a lightweight option that comes with evenly spread breathable pores for excellent air circulation. These weightlifting shoes are made of pure canvas, which makes them flexible. It’s engineered with super fabric guard plates ensuring total foot protection.

But what makes it stand out is its unique lug pattern. Such a feature makes it easy to adjust these weightlifting shoes to different terrains. The lug patterns also ensure a smooth transition between the indoors and outdoors environment. Equipped with high carbon laterals and medial guards, it gives you just the right blend of flexibility, traction, and support. So go on and get yourself a pair!


  1. Stylish yet practical
  2. Versatile usage
  3. Highly durable


  1. Unsuitable for powerlifting
  2. Drop in the toe box

RNX Powerli Seefter Weightlifting Shoes

RXN Weightlifting Shoes 9.5 Green
  • Fabric: full leather
  • Origin: India
  • Sole: rubber
  • Closure Type: laces with Velcro straps
  • Standout Features: full natural leather for durability

The RNX weightlifter shoe is mostly for powerlifting. With a heel drop of 1.2 inches for optimal stability and uncompromising support. It is designed with an adjustable hook and loop instep strap for convenience and security. Sturdy Velcro straps with strong laces ensure rearfoot integrity and Midfoot stability. The sole may be heavy, but it’s flexible due to the use of genuine rubber material.

It’s designed with a honeycomb tread pattern. This feature enhances this weightlifting shoe’s grip-ability, which is essential to keeping your feet from slipping when performing heavy squats. Its design features airspaces that run throughout the shoe. You don’t need to worry about sweaty feet during lifts. Its wide toe box has enough room for your feet to contract and expand at ease.


  1. Comfy leather fabric
  2. Unisex design
  3. Velcro strap at the Midfoot


  1. Hefty for a weight lifting shoe
  2. High heel drop

Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-Trainer and Weightlifting Shoes

Reebok Men's Lifter Pr Cross-Trainer Shoe
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Shaft height: low-top
  • Outer material: fabric and synthetic
  • Standout Features: Power Bax TPU plate and dual rubber outsole

The only regret you’ll have with the Reeboks men’s lifter PR weightlifting shoes is that you didn’t buy them sooner. They come equipped with a responsive Midfoot wrap. It provides maximum stability. Hook and loop laces lock in your feet for that perfect fit. These weightlifting shoes also feature a dual rubber TPU plate for enhanced foot support. The anti-friction lining helps keep your feet dry and cool.

Its low cut design provides adequate ankle mobility, which is vital for strenuous weightlifting. These weightlifting shoes also feature proprietary U-form and Thermo TPU Midfoot wrap Technologies. Such enhancements assure you of a bespoke fit. The reebok PR weightlifter cross trainer comes with breathable and durable material. So, you don’t worry if your feet get sweaty and ripe.


  1. Durable and affordable
  2. Airmesh tongue
  3. Full-grain leather toe


  1. Too narrow for wide feet
  2. Sizes run small

Best Weightlifting Shoes: FAQs

1. What Should You Look For In Weightlifting Shoes?

– Shell

The material used on the shell of weightlifting shoes can give you a hint as to its flexibility and comfort. The most comfortable shoes have leather or canvas as a shell material. Such materials are also ideal because they make the shoes more durable and easier to clean.

Other features to look for in a shell are breathability and general esthetics. Most models on this list feature air holes or vents for such a purpose. Some models, such as the Adidas Men’s Power Perfect Three Cross Trainer, don’t look good. But, that’s not a deal-breaker as they have loads of performance-enhancing features.

– Straps and Lacing System

Most weightlifting shoes feature a single strap on their upper part. Some come with multiple straps or ticker ones on the middle part of the tongue. Such a feature enhances the shoes’ security, ensuring that they don’t come undone at the worst possible moment.

Weightlifting shoes come with the same lacing options as other types of shoes such as trainers. However, you can always switch up to a BOA lacing system. Such a choice comes with a dial that ensures a tighter yet comfortable fit, although the shoes. The Inov-8 is an excellent example of such weightlifting shoes on this list.

– Heel Height and Material

Weightlifting shoes have higher and moldable heels. Rubber is the most common material, but you could get the same consistency from synthetic materials. TPU and other plastics make an excellent alternative. This is because TPU is hard enough to give you a stable platform, yet they are moldable enough to provide the versatility you need to move various motions as you lift heavy weights.

– Comfort

An uncomfortable pair of shoes will prevent you from reaching a peak level of performance. So, it’s crucial to pick a pair that feels comfortable on your feet. This ensures you’ll feel less restricted when you make various movements when performing squats, lunges, and other weightlifting exercises. Even more, this ensures the safety of your feet as the shoes is designed in a way that feels soft against the skin of your feet.

– Durability

A pair of weightlifting shoes is as durable as the materials, stitching, and attention to detail in its constructions. You should also pay attention to the materials used to make the upper and outsole. Shoes made of a genuine leather shell and rubber soles are more durable than synthetic alternatives.

2. Are Weightlifting Shoes Worth It?

Yes, the best weightlifting shoes are worth every nickel you spend. That’s why you always spot world-class weightlifters wearing a pair. The main reason is the enhanced support and kinetic energy boost they provide to such athletes. They provide weightlifting enthusiasts with several aspects that a normal sports shoe is unable to provide.

Some of them include the fact that they are made from durable and breathable materials. Furthermore, a pair of weightlifting shoes also feature closure systems, shell toes, and insoles that ensure your toes are snag. This ensures there’s enough blood flowing, so you don’t get muscle cramps as you power through massive deadlifts.

3. Why Do Weightlifting Shoes Cost More Than Trainers?

Manufacturers don’t spare any expense when developing weightlifting shoes. They feature high-quality materials that enhance their durability. This is because weightlifting exerts a lot of force, especially on the heels and toes. So, most shoes feature leather, sturdy synthetics, or canvas. Such materials provide more stability than the mesh materials used to make trainers airier.

The manufacturing process also involves greater attention to the stitching. The soles are sturdy, but you can break them in so that they can mold to your feet’ contours. This means two very important things. For once, the shoes will be soft on your feet ensuring their safety. And on top of this, you will be guaranteed to using your weightlifting shoes for years to come.


Sure, a new pair of converse will ensure you don’t slip as you lift weights. But, you could get more from the best pair of weightlifting shoes on the market. Such shoes have gone through decades of development and testing to ensure you can reach peak performance levels.

Best of all, the market is flooded with quality weightlifting shoes. So, not finding a reliable pair is impossible. When shopping, consider the specifications, personal preference, and other features that make your desired model unique and functional; that way, you’ll settle on the best pair of weightlifting shoes.

We have done out best providing you with the needed information about the best choice for the weightlifting shoes. In case you have further concerns, questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. We will be happy to hear you out.

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