Best Squatty Potty Reviews


Even though you may not have heard much about this whole concept of “squatting” to do your business, there are actually a handful of options to buy out on the market.  Since this is a review site, we did the best we could to pull up all the options out there.

3 Squatty Potty Reviews

1. White Squatty Potty’

–  We love that the foot rest can tilt either forward or backward.

This provides some great flexibility for everyone. It comes tilted forward – which is the best way to be if you’re going to squat. BUT if you want it to tilt backward, you can actually unscrew a few screws and turn it around to tilt the other way. Tilting the other way is easier for those who just lift their legs up and don’t squat – such as people with knee problems, the elderly, etc.

–  Comes in three different sizes: 5″, 7″ & 9″

This particular stool comes in a variety of sizes which is great. You can select 5″, 7″, and 9″. This is great for those who have special needs or varying sizes of toilets.

–  Can sit OR squat!

So I know it’s best to squat – but let’s be honest, we’re not gonna do it every time (like we know we should).  For those days when you don’t want to squat cause you’re tired or sore or half asleep or just plain lazy, it’s still very easy to sit with your legs raised on this particular stool.




Other stools, depending on how tall they are or the way they tilt really limits whether you can sit AND squat using the same stool. We love the flexibility this one gives.

–  It’s definitely sturdier than the plastic option.

While the plastic option is sturdy enough, this solid wood feels just a bit more solid which is very important to me considering the fact that while squatting over my porcelain toilet, I’m in a very vulnerable position.

–  The Price. ‘Nuff said.

This sucker isn’t the least expensive option but it definitely fits our price range while still giving us everything we want. Especially if you compare it to these uggos we’ve found online – their prices are crazy and they do not look very sturdy or pretty to us… how about you?


–  Let’s be honest – it’s pretty.

I know the squatty potty is anything but a fashion statement BUT if it’s going to be in my bathroom (and it is for the rest of my life now that I’ve tried it) it needs to look good.



So this is my number one choice, BUT that doesn’t mean there isn’t something I’d change. You’ll notice on the top where you put your feet that there’s a no-slip gripper circle and then three white circles next to it. These hide the screws. That’s where you can unscrew the top and flip it around so it tilts forward instead of backward (if that’s your preference).



Three White Circles for Feet

The black non-slip grips are awesome but the other three white circles aren’t that comfortable for my husband. (I don’t have a problem with them, though.) Also, the bamboo potty doesn’t have those, so if they’re a deal breaker, you could go with bamboo.

2. Plastic Squatty Potty‘

Best price you’ll find.

This is especially true for its functionality & ease of use. At least, that’s what we’ve found. But hey, if you’ve found something a nice for less, please share because we want to review it! It’s all about getting the word out, yo!

So far, for $30, we haven’t even come close to finding anything worth considering. Just take a look at these sorry excuses for toilet stools, along with their prices:

Together with their awkward layout, unappealing designs, inflexible practical usage and sky-high prices, it’s no wonder they don’t even make our list of recommendations!  Anyways, getting back to our #3 recommendation…

–  Wide foot space

This makes it easy to adjust and re-adjust while sitting/squatting. It’s definitely comfortable – and that should be a high priority considering how often people will need to use this contraption.

–  Not as pretty

That’s for sure, but it still blends in fine.  Also, plastic is a bit softer to run into for those middle of the night toilet trips in the dark. This one also appeals more for children since it’s less easy to tip over and lightweight for readjusting.

–  Not as solid as wood

Still, it’s durable enough. In fact, some people prefer the feel of the plastic to the wood because it has wider footing – so it’s less likely to tip over. That’s a personal preference, though.

When it comes to sheer solid ability to hold a large amount of weight, it’s undeniable that wood is better than plastic. Then again, most squatty potties will only have to hold around 250 lbs or less at any given time.

Option to Sit

Toilet Stool made of Plastic

Option to Squat

Plastic Toilet Stool for Squatting

3. ‘Bamboo Squatty Potty

By far the best looking stool I’ve seen on the market. 

Let’s face it – it’s on display in the bathroom. It’s already an embarrassing enough topic as it is. You are going to want it to look as good as possible. Trust me.

–  Comes in two different sizes: 7″ & 9″.

This is helpful for those who have bad knees (7″ makes you bend less) and tall toilets (9″ fits better). All in all, a very thoughtful option to give.


–  Made of sturdy bamboo.

When you’re climbing on anything around a porcelain toilet – especially with your pants down – you’re gonna want it as rock solid as it gets!

–  It’s short and it tilts backward!

This is great for people with bad knees, inflexible, or the elderly. These people need to sit, not squat. There’s still tons of benefits, but this way it’s safer, more comfortable and more realistic.

Recommended for Sitting, NOT Squatting


The best thing about this bamboo option is that it tilts backward to make the sitting position more comfortable and it’s shorter so that the knees don’t have to come as high.

–  It’s not the cheapest option – $79.97

You’re definitely paying for luxury looks here. But hey, if you’ve got the funds, that’s not such a bad thing.

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