Best Resistance Loop Bands in 2021


When it comes to working out at home and the concept of a ‘home gym’, you don’t really need to have all the large and expensive machines over there. Some simple tools should do the trick equally well. In this article, we shall be looking at some of the best resistance loop bands, which help you maintain your fitness at the comfort of your home! Crossfit training at home has been changing the way we see workouts to be. It is no longer about machines and heavy weights but simple and minimal equipment that helps us stretch and move better – improving our strength, balance, and power. 

Resistance bands have a two-fold benefit. They are great for some basic cardio training, as well as for some strength workouts. One of the most important parts of exercising is to warm up before going to the heavier machines. For warming up at home (or at parks or even at gyms), there’s nothing as good as a resistance band to set the ball rolling.

In addition to this, resistance bands are also great for improving your flexibility and mobility. They are small and easy to carry around, and can be stored in a space as small as your pocket! Furthermore, they are very cheap and are affordable for practically everyone. These bands cannot actually substitute full-fledged weight training, but they are a great way to bring a low-intensity replacement to weight training. Apart from strength and power training, these bands also allow you to build endurance.

Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a look at what resistance bands are, what are their benefits, as well as which are some of the best resistance bands in 2021. Once you have taken a look at all the best options that you have, we shall then proceed to a buyer’s guide to resistance bands, followed by a look at some of the best possible exercises that you can get while using them. 

Resistance bands are basically a piece of elastic which may or may not carry additional modifications, allowing you to exercise your muscles in a better manner. They are very beneficial for home gyms, as well as for those people who prefer a light workout during their morning runs. These bands are also a great gym equipment for warming up before moving to the heavier options. Let us now look at some of the benefits of using these bands: 

Benefits of Resistance Bands

The versatility of these bands is really one of the key aspects about them! These bands can be used in a lot of different ways. They can be used for strength training, for cardio exercises, as well as for improving your muscles too. You can use these bands for multiple different exercises and you won’t require different equipment for all of them. These bands can be used to work out a lot of muscles in your body. Be these arms, shoulders, chest, legs, butt, back, or even your core, all these muscles can get a good exercise by using these resistance bands. 

One more benefit of using these bands is the fact that unlike other fitness equipment, these are very small and weigh nothing! These are so tiny that if you fold them properly they can fit inside your pocket. You can take them along with you to the park while you take a jog and work out. These don’t take any space at all – which is a major benefit while working out in a home gym where you are anyway short on space as compared to a professional gym.

Lastly, another really good thing about these resistance bands is that they are very affordable! An average set of these bands can be procured for anywhere between $7 to $30 and you get a large number of variants in them. You can get them on different levels of resistance for different kinds of workouts and this is one of the cheapest ways to get fitter!

Types of Resistance Bands

There are a number of different types of resistance bands out there. Before we get into the list of the best resistance bands that you can buy off the web, this is something that you really need to go through:

  • Classic/Cylindrical Bands: These are the old-school resistance bands which are cylindrical in shape and have plastic handles on both their ends. These bands are also called ‘tube bands’. The thicker they are the more their resistance and the harder they are to use. These are the most common types of such bands and you will find them easily available. 
  • Looped bands: Looped bands don’t have any loose ends and are to be used by looping them around your knees, ankles, wrists, thighs, etc. These add to the resistance that your body is facing and allow you to work out in a better way. These bands are also great for improving strength as well as balance. 
  • Braided Tubed Bands: These are a modification of the classic tubed bands that we have seen in our first point here. Instead of there being just one band, there are multiple bands tied to the handles here. These are for somewhat advanced users and are best suited for outdoor exercises. 
  • Superbands/Crossfit Bands: These are a set of bands which are getting really popular among those who are into crossfit exercises. These bands are best suited for multi-person exercises and generally involve one partner. These are also a great option for those who want pull-up support. 
  • Flat Bands: Last on this list, but a great option for older users and senior citizens. The resistance on these bands is quite low which makes sure they can use it easily without getting hurt. These are the bands that physiotherapists use for therapy.  

Let us now deep dive into all the options that we have when it comes to getting a good resistance band for your home gym.

Best Resistance Loop Bands in 2021 [Reviews]

Now that you have all the basics covered, here’s a closer look at the best resistance bands in 2021 for your home gym. You can buy them off Amazon in just a few clicks and have them delivered right to your doorstep! 

1. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands with Instruction Guide and Carry Bag

  • Looped resistance bands
  • 5 levels of resistance
  • Made out of rubber

A set of five color-coded bands from Fit Simplify, these are among the most popular resistance bands out there, as they have been trusted by millions of buyers all over the world! The bands are great to work out with and are priced well under $10, making them just the perfect price-quality combination that anyone looking forward to getting fit at home should be looking out for. 

When you buy this set of resistance bands, you get five bands inside it. These are color-coded based on their resistance levels and you can use multiple of them at the same time to work out. Their color coding is a little different than the usual global standards, starting with green at the lightest and with black as the heaviest. When you buy these bands, you also get a small carrying pouch inside which you can store them.

These are high-quality looped bands made out of natural rubber. The best thing about them is that even after intensive usage for years, you will still get a pretty high level of resistance. While other competitors end up losing resistance or their flexibility, this one goes on for a long time. 


  • Bands of different resistance
  • Very highly rated
  • Inexpensive


  • Bands tend to roll while using

2. Renoj Resistance Bands for Exercise and Workout 11 Set with Handles

  • Set of 5 resistance bands
  • Made out of latex
  • Includes 2 handles, 2 anchor straps and one door anchor

A set of five bands that offers you five different levels of resistance, these are among the best options for anyone looking forward to working out at home. The resistance on these bands varies from 10lbs to 50lbs, and when combined, you get a total resistance of 150lbs. These bands can be used in many different ways and allow you to get a good workout done at the comfort of your home gym.

Be it abs, arms, chest, or legs, you can get different muscles of your body exercised using this resistance band from Renoj. These bands are color-coded too, with the yellow band being the lightest of the five, followed by blue, black, red and green, with green being the heaviest at 50pounds. There are also a lot of accessories that you get when you buy this resistance band – these are door anchors and ankle straps, which allow you to work out in ways beyond the usual pulls. You also get a carry bag and an instruction manual. 

These bands are made out of natural latex and don’t hurt your skin as well, making them great to work out with. The handle is made out of steel and has a non-slip grip on it which makes it a very safe equipment to use even when you are sweaty. All in all, a good option for anyone working out indoors.


  • Latex is easy on your skin
  • Resistance upto 150lbs
  • 5 different variations


  • The bag is quite small

3. Recredo Booty Bands, Non Slip Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt

  • Set of three bands
  • Great for abs, glutes, calves, hamstrings and quads
  • Carrying pouch included

When it comes to working out, different people want to tone different parts of their body, and many times, people work out to get just the perfect butt. This is where these booty bands from recredo come into the picture. Best suited for female users, these bands can help you attain just the perfect body by adding a little resistance to your usual workouts. This is a band that will last you for a long time and will not lose its elasticity even after months of continuous usage. 

These booty bands are great for a large variety of workouts ranging from crossfit training to beach workouts to even adding resistance while lifting weights. You can tie them around your calves during sit ups or you can have it tied around your thighs at the time you lift weights to ensure that your legs stretch only to a particular extent. 

There are three resistance variants here: light, medium and heavy. Besides that you also get them in two sets of color variants, the first one being Green/Pink/Purple and the other one being Black/White/Grey. You also get a carrying bag in which you can pack and carry these booty bands around. These are great for a home workout as well as a perfect fit for a gym workout too!


  • Great for lower body workouts
  • 3 different resistance levels
  • Carrying bag included with the set


  • Can damage your leggings upon long-term usage

4. Te-Rich Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt

  • Set of three bands
  • Includes one carrying pouch and one user guide
  • Made out of elastic cotton

This is a set of three bands from Te-Rich and one of the first things that stands out about these bands is that they are not made out of rubber, but out of elastic cotton with rubber strips inside them. This solves one of the biggest problems that people wearing resistance bands tend to face: the fact that most bands roll. These bands are designed in a way and using such a cloth that this does not happen!

Besides that, you get a set of three bands of different colors (there are two color variants available as well), which carry three different resistance levels. You can use these bands to tie around your thighs, knees or ankles and work out by adding some resistance. These are also quite beneficial for those who are into Yoga training and like to practice Yoga at home. 

These bands are also great for people looking forward to working on their thighs, glutes and particularly the butt. For anyone looking forward to working all these muscles, this resistance band is a great pick. These bands are also a great option for anyone who is looking forward to training their body after a postpartum recovery. When you get these bands, you also get an instruction manual as well as a free carrying pouch along with them!


  • These bands don’t roll
  • Very lightweight, easy on your clothes
  • Comes with a carrying pouch


  • Skin rashes upon direct contact and prolonged usage

5. RitFit Single Resistance Exercise Band with Comfortable Handles

  • 4ft in length
  • Only one band
  • Cushioned foam handles

Made out of odor-free latex, when you buy this from Amazon, you get one resistance band of four feet in length, which comes with two handles on either side. This band can be used for multiple purposes and for many different kinds of exercises, such as abdominal crunches, chest presses, squats, front raises, reverse abdominal crunches, etc. 

This is a tubed resistance band, which also comes along with a three inch door anchor. This allows you to exercise in more unique ways by connecting the band to your door. When you buy this band, you get a weight of about 10 to 15lbs. However, there are variants ranging from about 5lbs to 50lbs depending on your preference and you can buy them from Amazon. 

Another very important thing about this resistance band is that it comes with excellent handles. These handles are made out of a very good material which ensure that your grip on them is good. Moreover, these handles are also pretty soft and comfortable to hold and do not give you rashes or blisters while you pull on them. Ritfit is a brand that has been around for quite a while and gives you an all-American workout experience.


  • Great handles, soft on the hand and firm grip
  • Comes with a door anchor
  • Large number of weight variants


  • Using them against a rough or metallic surface might cause significant wear and tear

6. Letsfit Resistance Bands Set, Exercise Bands with Handles

  • Set of 5 resistance bands
  • Total weight 150lbs
  • Made out of latex

Here’s a really good option for anyone looking forward to getting hold of a bunch of tubed resistance bands of different weights (weighing 10,20,30,40,50lbs). These can be used individually or they can be stacked together to give you a combined weight of 150lbs. Working out with them is one of the best ways to get lightweight strength training at your home gym! 

These bands from Letsfit are color-coded, which allow you to differentiate between bands of different weights with ease. These bands are made out of a very durable and high-quality latex which does not break when you bend it. This ensures that you can perform many different kinds of exercises and there’s no risk of the band snapping while you are in the middle of a workout. 

You also get two handles and two ankle straps along with these resistance bands, which makes working out much more fun. It also allows you to bring versatility in your workouts and work on different muscles of your body. Besides these things, you also get one carrying bag in which you can store all these bands and their handles, as well as an exercise guide which tells you what all you can do with the bands. 


  • Very durable and strong build
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Soft handles with firm grip


  • Some people find the length a little too long

7. SUNPOW Pull Up Assistance Resistance Bands – Crossfit Stretch Fitness Bands

  • Looped resistance bands
  • Set of 5 bands
  • Color coded for visual identification

These bands from SUNPOW are one of the best resistance loop bands for anyone looking forward to exercising in their home gyms. When you buy this product, you get a set of five bands of varying resistance levels.These bands are an excellent choice for anyone who is looking forward to working on pull-up based exercises, as well as for someone who is undergoing physiotherapy and wants to work on their muscular strength.

These bands are very strong, made out of natural latex and are environment friendly. The manufacturer also claims that these bands are 99.9% free of any naturally occurring allergens as well. The band can be used for a longer time period than compared to most other competitors in the markets. 

These bands are also quite beneficial for those working out for weight loss as you can combine them with your equipment or wear them around your arms, thighs, or ankles to get the most out of the exercise. These are also a good support for barbell training, squats, bench presses, and various other exercises. Lastly, these bands come with a guaranteed exchange promise in case you find a defect in them. There’s also a free carry bag that you get when you purchase them.


  • Great on the skin
  • Allow a very diverse range of exercises 
  • Guaranteed exchange promise


  • Strong latex odor

8. VEICK Resistance Bands Set,Workout Bands,Exercise Bands,5 Tube Fitness Bands

  • Tubed resistance bands
  • Set of 5 bands
  • Comes with 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, and 1 door anchor

Just the perfect option for anyone looking forward to getting a multipurpose resistance band set for their home gym, this product from VEICK brings to you five different bands of varying resistance levels. They provide a combined weight of 150lbs and have individual weights of 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs, and 50lbs. You can combine multiple of these bands or use them individually based on your needs. 

What makes these bands truly one of the best resistance bands for home gyms is the fact that they can be used in many different manners. These are great tools for working on your overall muscle mass and improving your strength, and they can also be used for working towards improving the fitness of your lower body muscles, such as calf muscles, glutes, hips, legs and thighs. Furthermore, those who practice yoga at home can use these bands to work on your flexibility. 

One of the best things about these bands is that they are extremely soft on your clothes and do not damage the fabric at all. The bands don’t weigh much without the handles, and they are very easy to store as well. Talking of storing the bands, they come with a free cotton bag included where you can store them when not in use. You get two ankle straps, one door anchor and two cushioned handles along with these bands. 


  • Do not damage your clothes
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Not too heavy


  • Hooking/Unhooking tedious because of small clips

9. HPYGN Resistance Bands Set, Exercise Bands with Handles

  • Stackable resistance bands weighing 150lbs in total
  • Made out of rubber
  • Set of 5 bands

If you are looking forward to a set of bands that aren’t too flashy and colorful but are just right to get things done, these HPYGN bands are what you should be going for! Colored in different shades of white, grey and black, as the color darkens, so does the weight on the band. This is a set of five bands which starts from 10lbs and goes all the way up to 50lbs, with a total stackable weight of 150lbs.

At 150lbs, it ensures that you can carry your lightweight weight training exercises at home with ease. Given how flexible these bands are, you can use them in different innovative ways to work out in the best possible manner. You also get two hard grips, two ankle bands and one door anchor along with the bands. These add-ons make sure that you can perform various different resistance training exercises. 

This set of resistance bands from HPYGN is great for anyone wanting to work out on their arms, legs, back, chest muscles, as well as for those people who are looking forward to losing some weight. This is a great tool to burn some fat, as well as to strengthen your thighs and glutes. These are portable and easy to carry, and can be rolled up without worrying about them breaking in the long run. 


  • Color coded for easy visual identification
  • Great for intensive muscle workout
  • Durable and long-lasting bands


  • Strong odor of rubber

10. Fitfort Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt Exercise Bands

  • Resistance Loop Bands
  • Best suited for women
  • Set of three color-coded bands

Another really good option for you if you are looking forward to getting the best resistance loop bands in 2021 for your home gym. These are looped bands, meaning they are closed from both sides and you can use them to add resistance around your thighs, ankles, or knees when you are working out. These can also be used for getting some butt or glute exercises done. 

If you are planning on getting exercises like a glute bridge, monster walk, squats, leg raises, or donkey kicks done, adding these resistance loop bands to the mix will help you get the best possible exercise and a pretty good combination of strength and fitness. This is a set of three color-coded bands which comes in two color alternatives – the flashier pink, purple and green, and darker black, grey and white variants. 

These are anti-slip as well as anti-pinch bands which are great on your skin as well as on the fabric. These bands don’t slip away while you are working out and remain firmly in place, allowing you to get a really good workout experience. One major problem that people face while using resistance bands is that they tend to curl up, and they have a strong rubbery smell. Both of these problems are not the case when you use these bands from Fitfort. 


  • Color coded for easier visual identification
  • 2 color variants
  • Anti-slip and anti-pinch fiber


  • Bands don’t stretch too much 

Buyer’s Guide to Resistance Bands

Now that you know which are some of the best options out there when it comes to getting a resistance band for home gyms, let us take a closer look at how to buy these bands: 

  • First up, you need to keep your comfort as your priority. You need to know exactly which resistance level are you the most comfortable with and get that at first. Besides that, you should also try getting one or two bands above and below the resistance level that you are comfortable at so that you can workout using multiple levels and train to improve your strength.
  • Check the color of the band that you are buying. Generally speaking they follow an international convention that yellow bands offer the least resistance, followed by red, green, blue and then lastly black, which offers the most resistance. Get these bands based on your needs. 
  • You must also look at what type of band you are buying. If you are someone who is only just starting out, don’t complicate things too much and go for a basic tubed band with handles. If you’ve been around this for a little while, you can then go for different bands offering different resistance levels. Crossfit enthusiasts must go with the superbands, while seniors are advised to go with the flat bands. 
  • The accessories matter a lot too! Check for all the accessories that you are getting when you buy a band online. There are door attachments, different types of handles, cuffs, etc. which you can get and use in different ways to get the best possible exercise out of your resistance bands. 
  • Lastly, the price, which is always a factor, comes into play here too. However, these are fairly inexpensive and this is perhaps the least of your concerns when buying a resistance band. You can get many of them for under $10! Nonetheless, a consideration. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Resistance Bands

We get a lot of questions about resistance bands that are often repeated. This is why we have collated them all in one place so that you can read them here and get all your answers together. Going through these FAQs will help you get a 360-degree understanding of these bands. 

1. What does the color of resistance bands denote?

These bands are carefully color-coded to provide you with an idea of the resistance levels that they offer. Please note that not every band maker follows this coloring convention so it is best to check the box or ask the seller before you purchase them, but generally speaking the color coding denotes the following resistance levels:

  • Yellow: least resistance 
  • Red: low resistance
  • Green: moderate resistance
  • Blue: high resistance
  • Black: most resistance

Knowing this, you can now choose the bands based on your preference.

2. Which muscles can I target using resistance bands?

A resistance band can be used in a number of creative ways to exercise practically every muscle of your body. You can use it for abs and core, which is one of the most basic uses, then the arms and the shoulders can also be exercised using these bands. Besides that, you can also use resistance bands to work on your lower body (particularly the looped resistance bands). Hamstrings, calves, glutes and the butt can all be exercised using a looped resistance band. 

3. What exercises are possible using these bands?

These resistance bands can be used for a large variety of exercises. These include (but are not limited to) cardio and strength based workouts. You can use them for basic purposes such as jumping jacks or to demarcate the land and jump around. However, there are many other proper strength-trainings that you can get from these bands too. These are squats and leg extensions, bicep curls, overhead tricep extension exercises, seated and bent-over rowing, bench presses and push ups using the band, overhead presses as well as kneeling crunches. All these exercises can be achieved using resistance bands. 

4. Where can I buy a resistance band?

A resistance band is one of the most common items when it comes to achieving fitness at home and you can find it at any fitness store, or even in some medical stores and at most hypermarkets across the world. You can also buy them from Amazon which is the easiest possible way to get them during the times of a global pandemic as they get delivered to your home without you having to go outdoors. 

5. How to clean a resistance band?

The best way to clean these bands is to soak them in a bucket of warm water which has a few drops of detergent in it. This is a simple yet effective way to clean resistance bands. Make sure you are cleaning your bands from time to time because exercising can get really sweaty and your bands can absorb the smell! You do not want the stink to linger around, trust us on that! 


We hope that by the time you’ve reached this portion of our article, you have managed to find the best resistance band that meets all your expectations and matches all your needs. These are simple, easy to use and inexpensive items that can be used to warm up, as well as to get fitter while working out in your home gym. Considering how common they are, there are a large number of companies that make them – and it can get overwhelming to decide which is the best resistance band for your needs. We hope that we helped you solve this problem. If you still have any doubts or want to know more about these bands, feel free to send us a mail or let us know in the comments and we shall get back to you as soon as we can! Till then…

…Happy Exercising! 🙂 

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