8 Best Hand Grip Strengtheners [Improve the Strength of Your Hands]


When it comes to working out in a gym or lifting weights, what are some of the most important things? strength, stability, and stamina? There’s one more aspect that people often tend to overlook: that is grip. Having a good grip is essential if you are someone who is into frequent workouts, and especially if you are into lifting weights. Over the course of this article, we will take a closer look at how you can improve your grip strength and how you can buy the best hand grip strengtheners to achieve a better grip.

A hand grip strengthener can also help you get a good grip which is needed for other physical activities such as CrossFit training and gymming. Whenever you are warming up for gymming, you need to work on your grip strength too, and there’s nothing better than a grip strengthener for that. Having a good hand grip in a handshake is also seen as a sign of a strong character.

Hand Grip Strengtheners

Grip strengtheners are present in every good gym all over the world. No matter where you go to work out, trainers will always tell you about the importance of your grip. If your grip is loose, not only does it risk falling and breaking your equipment, but it can also hurt you.

A hand grip strengthener is a very simple tool that offers some really good benefits. It looks like a set of pliers and has two handles on the sides and a spring or coils in the center. It also resembles a nutcracker.

At first look, a hand grip strengthener looks like something that is a very simple tool and can be purchased without much confusion. However, when you take a closer look, you will find that there are different types of grip strengtheners, featuring different operation mechanisms, different sizes, shapes, and resistance levels too.

With this in mind, let us begin by understanding why is a good grip important, followed by a detailed discussion on hand grip strengtheners:

Importance of a Good Grip

Before we delve deeper into understanding why you need a grip strengthener, it is also essential for you to know why a good grip is important. Having a good grip benefits you in multiple ways:

Lifting Weights

First off, you need a good grip when you are working out in a gym. No matter what kind of exercise you are doing, you need to have a good grip. Especially when it comes to exercises involving weights, such as the use of barbells and dumbells, you need a really good grip. Deadlifts, powerlifting, or even regular weightlifting needs you to have a very good grip.

If your grip is not strong enough during weightlifting, your equipment is at risk of falling down and hurting you or people around you. The equipment can also fall and break. If you have good grip strength, however, all of this is easily avoidable. This is why you need to exercise your grip using hand grip strengtheners every day before you start lifting weights.

Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups

Another very common form of exercise, seen not only in professional gyms but even in a home gym setup. There are a large number of people who perform regular pull-ups and chin-ups in order to maintain their fitness levels. It is a very good form of exercise too! However, pull-ups and chin-ups are heavily dependent upon your grip strength.

If your grip strength isn’t strong enough, you risk losing hold of the bar and falling. Since your entire body weight is being pulled from the grip, it is essential for you to ensure that it is strong enough to pull you. It is strongly recommended to use grip strengtheners before starting out a pull-up workout.

Helps Avoid Injuries

One of the biggest benefits of having a good grip is that you will be safe from injuries while working out. We all know how common gym-related injuries are. A lot of them often happen because the person who is working out in the gym has got their technique wrong, or has a loose grip.

A bad grip can cause as much damage as a bad technique – imagine lifting weights but losing your grip midway into the lift and having the weight fall on you. Other similar injury-related situations can be like losing grip and shifting the weight on to one side of your body, resulting in an injury in the part which bears all the weight.


CrossFit training is one of the most intense forms of workout and requires one to have the perfect grip and the perfect balance. It helps train your entire body – helping you gain power and stamina. Almost every major CrossFit workout is grip-dependent. There are rings, ropes, and various other climbing equipment that need a perfect grip. Hence, having a good grip strength can help you go a long way when it comes to CrossFit exercises. Therefore, if you don’t have good crossfit hand grips check our recommended ones.

Improves Stability and Precision of Hand

This isn’t really related to exercises and working out, or even fitness. However, if you are a surgeon, a doctor, or a writer – or basically anyone who has a job involving precise movement of hands, you will need a good grip. All these professions require precise hand movements and having a good grip is always an advantage.

Improves Handshakes

Lastly, having a good grip can also improve the way you shake people’s hands. A firm grip while shaking hands can prove beneficial as people often judge character from handshakes. Nobody likes a loose handshake.

8 Best Hand Grip Strengtheners

What is a Hand Grip Strengthener

A hand grip strengthener is a simple equipment that can help you improve your grip. It looks like a pair of pliers with a coil or a spring in between. The spring or the coil in the center increases the resistance level between the two handles and when you hold it in your hand and press it inwards, it requires you to apply a degree of pressure on your palms which helps work out the muscles of your hands and helps you get a strong grip

Hand grip strengtheners are very common equipment and are found not only in professional gyms and CrossFit centers, but also in home gyms. It is essential to use them before a major workout which involves grip strength such as lifting weights or performing pull-ups.

If you’re looking for ‘the complete package’ when it comes to improving your grip strength, look no further than this grip strengthener: the FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit, which gives you everything that you need to work out your hands and to get a strong grip.

Different Types of Grip Strengtheners

There are four major kinds of hand grip strengtheners, seperated in two categories. The first differentiation can be made based on the mechanism of the strengthener – is it a coil-based hand gripper or a spring-based gripper. The second kind of differentiation can be made based on their resistance levels – can it be adjusted or is it a fixed intensity gripper – let us take a closer look and understand the different kinds of these equipment:

Spring vs Coil-Based Hand Grip Strengtheners

The first differentiation can be made based on the element in the center – is it a spring or is it a coil that is being used to improve your hand grip.

Spring-Based Hand Grip Strengtheners

These are two handles seperated by a hinge with a spring in the center. The longer the spring, the more the tension is going to be and the harder it is going to be to squeeze the handles together. Luxon 2 Pack Hand Grip Strengthener is considered the best spring-based grip strengthener by experts.

Coil-Based Hand Grip Strengtheners

Coil-based hand grippers feature a coil in the center instead of the spring that we have seen above. This coil is generally made out of aluminum alloy and the more coiled and twisted it is, the harder it is going to be for you to grip it. IronMind Captains of Crush is one of the best options if you are planning on improving your grip strength using A coil-based hand gripper.

Fixed vs Adjustable Hand Grip Strengtheners

Fixed vs Adjustable Hand Grip Strengtheners

There are some hand grippers where you can adjust the resistance levels, and there are others where you cannot.

Fixed Grip Strengtheners

These are the most basic form of grippers and they function at a fixed tension level. Once you are used to it you will need to buy a new set of grippers which offer more resistance.

Adjustable Grip Strengtheners

Compared to fixed-tension strengtheners, these ones are a little more flexible in terms of resistance offered. You can increase or decrease the resistance levels on these grip strengtheners. You can reduce tension levels if you are a beginner and you can increase them if you are used to the basic resistance levels.

If you are looking forward to buying an adjustable grip strengthener to improve your grip strength, you might want to check out the MummyFit Grip Strengthener.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: How to Buy the Best Hand Grip Strengtheners

A hand grip strengthener sounds like an easy product to buy. However, when you look closely at all the factors that you need to consider, you will know that it isn’t as easy as it seems to buy a grip strengthener. The best grip strengthener for improving your hand grip needs to check multiple boxes from this list.


The size of the hand gripper matters a lot. Make sure it is big enough to fit your hand the right way. Sometimes people end up buying a grip strengthener that is bigger or smaller than their palms and it becomes quite uncomfortable.

Getting something smaller won’t really do you any good, and getting a bigger grip strengthener would mean you are still uncomfortable and aren’t getting the right kind of grip. Do check the size before buying, and if buying online, return the product if it isn’t the right size. The best grip strengtheners feel like they’ve been designed keeping your hand in mind. The Ufree Grip Strength Trainer is a just the right-sized option to improve your grip strength!


As discussed above, you need to take a look at the type of hand grip strengthener that you are getting. We recommend getting a spring-based strengthener with variable tension. That is usually the best option because you can use it for a longer time and can gradually increase the tension as you grow used to a certain level.

Resistance Level

The resistance levels that your hand grip strengthener offers is also important. When starting off, the best grip strengtheners for a beginner would be something that offers a low resistance. However, as you practice on it more frequently, you will get used to those levels and you would need a higher resistance level.

Getting a gripper that offers resistance levels lower to what you are already used to won’t really help you much with improving your grip. This is why we suggest getting a variable-resistance hand grip strengthener.


A hand exerciser also needs to be ergonomically designed. There are many which offer handles that are going to hurt your palms more than they would benefit them. Hence, you need to look for a good and ergonomical design too. A good hand strengthener needs to have a soft handle, along with indents made for your fingers so you know how to place your hand on it.


A good hand gripper shouldn’t be flimsy or made of low-quality material that it breaks mid-squeeze! While most of them feature durable aluminum frameworks, there are some cheaper versions which don’t last long and can break down or collapse into two seperate pieces. It is better to pay a little extra and get a good quality, durable hand strengthener than to settle for a poorly built one.

Training Individual Fingers

If you want to work out your fingers and improve the strength of each individual finger, you might want to consider buying an articulated strengthener which allows you to squeeze each finger manually. While the grip involves working on your palm and fingers, a good hand strengthener also needs to help you improve the strength of your wrists and forearms. PROHANDS Gripmaster Hand Exerciser can help you train your fingers along with your hand.

Price and Delivery

Last but not least, while the price isn’t really much of a concern when it comes to a strengthener, you must still get something that offers you good value for money. Besides that, Amazon offers the best grip strengtheners which are delivered on time and you also get good discounts over there! Longang Hand Grip Strengthener costs under $10 and is one of the best grip strengtheners out there in the market!

Different Types of Grips

Different Types of Grips

While there are four different kinds of hand grippers, there are also three different kinds of grips. Here’s a quick look at all of them:

Crush Grip

A crush grip comes into the picture where the strength of your entire arm is used to hold something. This is particularly useful for sports – such as holding bats, racquets, or other similar objects. This kind of a grip is also used when you are climbing ropes or pulling yourself on bars. A crush grip is also the one that is used when you are lifting weights and dumbbells.

Support Grip

A support grip is one which is used when one wants to hold on to something for a long time. This is the one that is used during pull-ups or during lifting bags where you have a weight attached on your grip for a long period of time.

Pinch Grip

This is more about your finger strength – not about your individual fingers, but about the kind of grip that comes into play when you are holding something between your thumb and a finger (generally the index finger). This kind of a grip is important for tasks such as playing music, writing, or performing surgeries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Grip Strengtheners

Here are the answers to some of the most common and frequently asked questions about grip strengtheners that one needs to know:

Are hand grip strengtheners suitable to be used by beginners?

Yes, a hand grip strengthener is suitable for beginners. In fact, it is recommended for people who are just starting off workouts because it helps you get a strong grip as well as improves the finger strength of individual fingers. The Prnskter Hand Grip Strengthener is one of the best and among the most unconventional options for those who are just starting out.

Who should avoid using hand grip strengtheners?

Handgrip strengtheners can be used by anyone except people who have problems in their hand muscles or bones such as arthiritis or other injuries due to which your hand, wrist or forearm muscles need rest.

Should hand grip strengtheners be used before or after a workout?

Any time is a good time to use a hand grip strengthener, but we suggest using it before a workout so that your grip strength is maxed out before you start working out. Using it after a workout isn’t really recommended because your hands will already be tired by then and it would put unnecessary strain on them.

Where can I buy a hand grip strengthener?

Hand strengtheners can be bought off any fitness store, or even in some general stores. These are very commonly available all over the world. However, the best place to buy them would certainly be Amazon or other web stores because of the range of options that you get there – along with the right information and reviews, as well as a very good return policy.


We hope that by the time you’ve reached this section, you now know everything that there is to know about hand grip strengtheners. Our idea behind this article was to familiarize you with how something that seems as simple as a gripper can actually be such a complex product to buy – and that it needs some thought put into it before you buy one. We hope you can now find the best grip strengtheners that suit all your needs after reading this article. If there are still any more questions or doubts that remain, feel free to let us know over the mail or in the comments and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.

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