10+ Best Half Racks for Home Gym in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]


Home gyms are getting really popular in the post-pandemic world, and so are half racks. If you are looking forward to doing lunges and squats at your home along with weights, half racks are the best choice for you! They occupy a lesser space compared to a full-rack and are great for people who aren’t pro-power-lifters or don’t want to lift a lot of weight but still want to improve their strength. In this article, we take a detailed look at 10 of the best half racks for home gyms. 

Over the past year, we have realized that fitness is of key importance, especially when mobility is restricted. While gyms were inaccessible and considered unsafe for a very long time, people began working on their home-gyms with more dedication than ever before. Half racks are an important part of any home gym owner considering that they occupy a smaller space and are great for workouts that deal with core strength. 

We have curated a list of ten of the best such half racks which will be a great addition for your home gym. We shall be looking at each of these products in great detail, and talk about how they can help you. In addition to that we also look at their exact dimensions, safety features, and what all exercises can you perform while you use them. 

However, before we dive deeper into the world of half racks, it is very important for you to understand the difference between a half-rack and a full-rack. 

Difference Between a Half Rack and a Full Rack

The key thing that is common between both these racks is that both of them help you squat better and lift weights while squatting. Unlike what the name suggests, half racks aren’t easier compared to full racks and we strongly recommend beginners to actually go for full racks because they are safer to operate. However, if you have been working out for a while or have been trained in a gym, half racks are then a great option for you. 

The biggest difference between a half rack vs full rack is that a full rack comes with additional safety bars which makes it a larger and wider device. These safety bars are missing from half racks. Basically, if you closely observe the shape and the structure of both these devices, a full-rack looks more like an enclosure while a half-rack is exactly half of that, sliced from the middle.

What a half-rack lacks in terms of safety, however, it makes up in terms of space-saving. Given that most modern-day households aren’t all that big when it comes to having spare space, half-racks make for a better equipment for a home-gym than compared to a full-rack. Besides, another advantage is that they are cheaper too. 

Half racks have one last limitation – they do not provide a range of exercises as wide as a full rack. Nonetheless, they support squats, lunges and even some basic bench-presses for those who wish to perform them at home. 

Let us now look at some of the best options that you could order from amazon straight away:

10 Best Half Racks for Home Gyms in 2021 [Reviews]

Here is a list of ten of the best options that there are when it comes to buying a half rack for your home gym. These not only help you improve your overall fitness and physical well-being, but also improve your core strength. An essential in every home gym, here’s a closer look at some of the best options:

1. HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack

  • Supports weight of up to 800lbs
  • 81″Height, 44″ Width, 46″ Depth
  • Supports large variety of exercises

HulkFit is a leading brand when it comes to getting power racks for home gyms. This one, in particular, supports a weight of upto 800 pounds, making it a great choice for someone who has been lifting weights for quite a while and is looking for pro-lifting equipment for their home gym. To ensure the stability and safety of the rack, the base has been designed in an ‘H-Shaped’ way, which ensures it doesn’t topple over.

When you buy this half-rack from HulkFit, you get pull-up bars along with weight holders, heavy-duty J-hooks, and dip bars with safety lockers. This ensures that you have everything that you need to get things started in your home gym. The overall weight of the half-rack is 110 pounds. 

There are multiple holes all along the sides of the bars, which allow you to set up the holders at any height that you prefer. The dip bars that are provided along with the package allow you to perform different exercises. They are also adjustable and can be shifted inwards or outwards based on your preferences. 

Two pull-up bars are also included with the package which allows you to perform the most basic of exercises. Rubber feet and triangle locks further improve the overall safety of the users while they use this half rack. The exact dimensions of this half rack measure 81″Height, 44″ Width, and 46″ Depth. 

This is a great half rack for lower body as well as upper body training, and to ensure that you are growing stronger by the day while you work out at the comfort of your home gym. The cost isn’t that high either and at under $300, you get the best workout experience possible from your home


  • Designed in a way it stays firm
  • Multiple holes for adjustment
  • Not too costly
  • Comes with a large number of accessories


  • Some users report scratches on frame

2. Lifeline C1 Pro Power Squat Rack System

  • Supports weights of up to 1000lbs
  • Highly adjustable at all levels
  • Measures 82” (height), 49.5” (depth) and 49” (width)

For those fitness freaks who don’t mind spending a few extra bucks in order to get hold of the best possible experience in their home gym, the lifeline C1 pro power squat rack system is indeed a ‘lifeline’. This comes in half-rack and full-rack variants, but here, we are discussing only the former. 

Designed in a perfect red-and-black combination, this is a great addition to any home gym and is something that is great for pro-lifters. This is a product that is preferred by people who are into some serious weight training and not for the casual buyer. If you are looking for a more ‘casual’ equipment, we suggest you to go with the HulkFit half-rack above this. 

The half rack supports lifting over 1000lbs for trained lifters. It makes use of an 11-gauge steel frame, and comes with a very solid base which makes sure it does not topple over or shake no matter how much weight you are lifting. Safety has been a key concern here and the half rack has been designed keeping all the olympic safety standards in mind. 

When you buy this half rack, you get a fat-grip pull up bar, 2 J-hooks, 2 16” spotter arms, 6 plate storage posts on the sides, as well as 2 vertical olympic bar sleeves. The rack measures 85” in height’, 49.5” in depth; and carries a footprint of 49″. The overall weight of the rack is 164 pounds. 

There are holes at almost every level allowing you to adjust all the equipment as per your needs. Lastly, if you don’t wish for the whole red-and-black vibe and are just looking for a single-color alternative, you can buy the half-rack in an all-black variant as well. 


  • Olympic-quality equipment
  • Comes with multiple grips
  • Lots of scope for personalized adjustment
  • Sturdy frame, doesn’t topple over


  • Small J-Cups, not welded properly

3. Valor Fitness BD-58 Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar Weight

  • Supports upto 750lbs of weight
  • Allows you to do chin-ups in 5 different positions
  • Measures  53″ x 72″ x 86″

One of the best options out there for people looking forward to getting a half rack for their home gym, the Valor Fitness BD-58 is particularly popular because of its adjustable features. Straight-up, this is the ultimate exercising machine and there’s so much you can tweak to suit your individual needs.

The half-rack supports weights of upto 750lbs, which is great for heavy lifters. It can even go up to 1000lbs, but 750 is the ideal amount of weights here. The equipment is made out of 11-gauge steel for added strength and durability. The bottom part has been capped with rubber mounts, which can be removed if you wish to bolt the half rack to the ground. 

The pull-up tower here has been designed in such a way that you can perform chin-ups in five different positions! There are multiple grips provided here too, so that you can choose and use the ones that suit your needs the best. There’s also a 45-degree angled grip which allows you to work on your arm and shoulder muscles as well. Another great thing about the pull-up tower here is that it is adjustable in height too! While the standard height is 79”, you can have it pulled up to 96” (thereby even increasing the overall height of your half-rack). 

There’s enough space in this half-rack for you to put in benches for regular bench presses as well as for inclined bench presses. This is just the perfect home-equipment for all your squatting exercises, as well as to train your upper and lower body. There are six weight holders, three on each side. 

When it comes to exercises, you can use the BD-58 to exercise your glutes, hamstring, quads – essentially this half rack takes care of all your lower-body needs. For upper body needs, there are those pull-up bars on the top. The entire setup weighs about 270lbs. 


  • Great for upper and lower body workout
  • Can be personalized to a great extent
  • Lots of space to hold weights and bars
  • Height can be extended for better upper-body training


  • Knobs on the end of the plate holders tend to fall off

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Power and Squat Rack

  • Supports up to 880lbs of weight
  • The knurled grip on pull up bars
  • Olympic-grade plate storage 

Unlike all the other half racks that we have seen on our list so far, mercifully, this one occupies a significantly lesser space in comparison, without compromising on your safety! There are about 30 adjustable settings in this equipment, making it just the perfect choice for your home gym. 

First up, there’s a knurled grip on the pull-up bar, which allows you to work out using different types of exercises. This includes not only your regular pull-ups and chin-ups, but also the kind of exercises where you can work on your shoulders and arms. Knurling is great to improve a better grip while you work on your core body workouts. 

There are thirty adjustable settings here, which are basically the holes in which you can screw in various elements of your half rack. Based on the height at which you are screwing them in, your workouts can become more or less intense, as per your preference. 

There are two 11” weight plates posts, one on each side of the half-rack. These allow you to store your weight-plates once you are done training. Another advantage of the way that they have been positioned is that when you store your weight plates there, they improve the overall stability of the equipment by making the base heavier. The company has also specified that they only provide the holders and not the actual weights

The spotter arms that come with this half rack are 16” in length, which are great for your safety, and make sure that the bars have enough space while working out. The extended length also allows you to use heavier weights without risking an injury. The J-hooks attached to the half-rack can support weights upto 880lbs. 

There are swivelling posts on the bottom which can swivel by up to 60 degrees. This is a great addition for users who wish to practice squats and exercises of different types such as the landmine squat, pivot press and splits. 


  • Excellent safety measures 
  • Occupies less space than many other half racks
  • Swiveling posts are great for lower body workouts
  • Knurled bar great for arm and shoulder workouts 


  •  The tools that come with the package aren’t as effective

5. CAP Barbell FM-8000F Deluxe Power Rack

  • Measures 61.4″ x 45.6″ x 85″
  • Made out of durable 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel
  • Supports upto 300lbs of weight 

One of the most cost-effective half racks that you can find on Amazon, this one costs under $200, and offers a great value for money. Made out of thick steel of 12-gauge and 14-gauge thickness, this is a very sturdy piece of exercising equipment from CAP. Besides, much like the one that we have seen above this, it doesn’t take too much space, which is a huge advantage when buying equipment for a home gym. 

Multiple efforts have been made here in the form of powder-coating, gussets and capped frame ends to make sure that the half rack remains in a great condition for a really long time. This is a device for entry-level trainers and not for heavy-duty ones. Those working on their upper/lower body but aren’t looking forward to participating in professional events might want to get this – as it supports weights only up to 300lbs. 

There’s a U-shaped base which makes sure the half-rack remains balanced at all times and there’s no risk of it toppling over. There are about 17 adjustable levels on each side and you can change the height of your holders based on whatever your preference is. In addition to that, there are two plate holders, one on either side of the rack, located on the bottom. This not only allows you to store your plates, but also ensures that it adds more weight and thus more stability to the half rack.

When it comes to exercising on this half rack, you can use it for your basic squats and pull ups, but also for more strength-building tasks such as deadlifts and bench presses. There are two safety catches as well as two J cup bars on this half rack which help improve your overall safety. While this is the traditional steel-gray variant, there are orange and yellow variants available as well, just in case you want a splash of color in your gym. 

All said and done, this is something that any fitness enthusiast can get for their home-gym without having to worry too much about the costs or the safety. If you are someone who is just starting out after a few months of gymming, this is the right choice for you!


  • Occupies very less space
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Sturdy base, won’t topple over
  • Great for entry-level trainers


  • Supports only up to 300lbs of weight

6. Merax Barbell Rack 550LBS Max Load Adjustable Squat Stand

  • Measures 27.5”~45.5” (L) x 19.5”(W) x 43.5”~67.5” (H)
  • 8 inch weight pegs on either side
  • Supports weights up to 550lbs

When you are buying equipment for a commercial gym, you are at liberty to get a device as big and bulky as you please. However, for the purposes of a home gym, the footprint needs to be significantly reduced as homes don’t really have that much space as a commercial establishment often has. The Merax Barbell Rack is one of the best options out there for anyone looking for a half-rack with a compact footprint. 

Supporting a maximum load of 550lbs as the name suggests, the Merax Barbell Rack is an ideal device for anyone who is into bench presses or squats. This gives you space for both, an upper body as well as a lower-body workout. While this is indeed quite a compact device, there’s sufficient space for adjusting the height and to ensure that you are adjusting it as per your needs. There are thirteen different height adjustments possible with this barbell rack. 

There are two eight-inch rods poking out of the backside of the half rack. This allows you to store your weight plates over there. This has been designed in such a way that adding the weight plates will improve the stability of the entire rack. 

The ‘feet’ of the rack have been lined with rubber in a manner that it can neither slip nor topple. Given the small height, you can perform some unconventional exercises using this half rack, such as overhead lifts and dips, as well as the usual shoulder press, squats, and bench press. 

To sum it all up, the biggest highlight of this half rack is the fact that it saves you a lot of space. This space-saving leads to a lot of other features such as adjustable height, unconventional workouts, etc. which make it a really attractive proposition for fitness enthusiasts looking for the best half racks for home gym. 


  • Space saver! Occupies very little space
  • Allows some unconventional workouts to be done
  • Adjustable up to 13 levels
  • The rubber coating on the bottom ensures great grip


  • Not so great for pull-ups and core workouts

7. Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Stand Rack

  • Squat stand along with an adjustable bench
  • Stand measures 38”L x 53”W x 87”H
  • Supports up to 805lbs of weight

An amazing piece of equipment for your home gym, this half rack comes in two variants – one with just the squat stand, and another featuring the squat stand along with an adjustable bench. We are looking at the latter here. This is because it is such a rare find in the markets that you get a bench along with the stand. 

The half rack is made out of premium quality steel where you can lift barbells that weigh up to 805lbs. This is a great option for those who are training in heavy lifting and want to work on their upper body as well as lower body strength. Besides the regular lifting, you also get a bench here which you could use for bench presses.

The bench is topped with soft foam and provides you with seven different angles at which it could be adjusted (-20°, 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 85°) so that you can exercise whichever way you want and at whichever intensity you want to. The bench is also quite easy to clean and can last for a long time with little to no wear and tear at all! It has got four foot sponges and 3 level foam rollers for different exercises of the lower body. 

Coming back to the actual rack now, there’s a bar on top with slightly curved handles which allows you to do pull-ups, as well as exercise your shoulders and arms while you are at it. The pull-up bar can be angled and adjusted at eight different positions to get different kinds of workouts done. There’s sufficient space here to fit upto 7’ olympic bars. 

Lastly, there’s also space for olympic weight plate storage, which allows you to organize your weights effectively instead of them lying around all over the place. This also allows your base to get heavier and makes sure that the whole structure does not topple over. 

To sum it up, a great exercise equipment for anyone looking for a half rack for their home gym along with the added advantage of a bench, which helps not only in bench-presses, but also in various other exercises of the lower body.  


  • The bench can be angled at different positions 
  • Space for Olympic weight plates
  • Great for lifting large weights 
  • Angular pull-up bar for multiple upper body exercises 


  • Occupies quite a bit of space when you add the bench to the mix

8. Body Champ Power Rack System Adjustable Squat Rack

  • Good for up to 300lbs of weight
  • Space to store lots of plates, weights and bars
  • Measures 42 x 82 x 62 inches

Weighing in at just about 63.5 pounds, this is the lightest of the half racks that we have seen here. It measures about 42 x 82 x 62 inches, giving you quite a compact equipment. This is one of the most bare-bones and basic half racks on our list, giving you just a platform in which you can rest your bars on, or for you to get going with some pull-ups. 

The key focus here is on the ample storage facilities that this rack provides you with. There’s space for you to attach olympic plates on the bottom, then there are two sets of J-shaped bars which allow you to keep your barbells. You can adjust them to match different settings while squatting or while performing a deadlift. 

The frame is quite strong and sturdy, despite being light in weight. It allows lifting of up to 300lbs of weight, which is a great option for you if you are an entry-level trainer looking for a simple training equipment that does not cost too much. 

Another great thing about this Body Champ half rack is that it allows you to make use of the pull-up bar in multiple ways. This is one of the key features here which brings it to our list of the best half racks for the home gym. The pull-up bar can be used for regular pull ups and chin-ups, as well as for hanging leg-raises among other exercises. It can also be used to work on your shoulder, arms or back strength. 

The frame itself is quite customizable and you can move around practically everything and rearrange it based on your needs and your capacity. This customization is a really strong suit of any half rack, which is at display in its full glory here. 

One more thing that needs to be considered every time you go for a half-rack is that they need to have a proper safety mechanism in place. Full racks are generally safer because they are a cage-shaped enclosure, but owing to their half-open nature half racks can be quite risky sometimes. Here, you get a very stable design where four-floor anchors and four rubberized ‘feet’ help keep the device stable and grounded. 

To conclude, one of the best options out there for people looking for an entry-level and easy to use half rack, particularly if you don’t want to spend too much money on one, this is the way to go. 


  • No-nonsense equipment offers just the basics
  • Great for lifting weights up to 805lbs
  • Has a lot of safety mechanisms in mind
  • Great for organizing all your gym equipment


  • Quite lightweight and a little wobbly at heavier weights

9. Doeplex [2020 Upgrade Multi-Function Adjustable Squat Rack Exercise Stand

  • Adjustable height and width
  • A Pull-up bar can be used for multiple purposes
  • Supports up to 550lbs of weight

A budget offering, priced at a little over $150, but punching way above its weight! Available in a glorious black-and-red combination, the Doeplex squat rack is a half rack which allows you to lift as much as 550lbs of weight without much of a problem. 

One of the key things that really attracted us towards this half rack is the fact that not only can you adjust its height to match your needs, but you can also tweak the width. There are 12 different adjustments possible where the height can be increased from about 46.8” to 70.1” and the width can be increased from 30.3” to 48”. This gives you a large enough area to exercise and a compact enough area to keep it aside while not in use.

There’s an anti-slip grip on this half rack, which ensures that you are safe at all times and the whole setup does not come toppling down. In addition to that the half rack has been designed in such a manner that you can do dips, bench presses as well as squats with equal ease. There are 12 levels of adjustment on this half rack which make it easier for those exercising to customize things as per their needs.

To sum it up in the simplest of terms, this is the most basic half rack that you can buy, and it doesn’t cost too much either. At 550lbs, it is good enough for newbies as well as for experienced lifters who are looking for a highly adjustable, customizable device for their home gym! Indeed one of the best options that you can find on Amazon. 


  • Anti-slip grip on the equipment makes it safe to use
  • Heavy and broad base, which can be resized as per your need
  • Great for beginners as well as experienced users


  • Not enough space for storing other gym equipment

10. Lifeline Commercial Gym Quality Half Rack Weightlifting System

  • Can support about 1000lbs of weight
  • Great for storage of various gym equipment
  • Measures  76” x 56” x 97.03” (WxDxH)

Up until now we had looked at some of the most basic and simple equipment for your home gym. Let us now look at a professional squat rack that you can buy off Amazon right away. This is meant for gyms, but if you are someone who has been exercising for a long while, you might want to get something like this for your home gym as well. This is an absolute beast of a power-packed device, which costs quite a bit, but provides you with a ton of features! 

There are four vertical barbell storage tubes on this half rack, along with 10 weight plate storage racks, five on each side. Measuring in at 76” x 56” x 97.03” (WxDxH), this is a really big and bulky equipment which weighs (and costs) a ton. There’s no specification provided here as to how much weight it allows you to lift, but about 1000 pounds should easily be supported by this beast.

There’s a very strong pull-up bar on top, which you can use to perform multiple core-body exercises. Besides that, you can also purchase the landmine attachment as well as the dip station separately to give yourself an even better gymming experience at your home gym (or at your professional gym, because this is more of a pro-machine). 


  • Lots of storage space
  • Very sturdy and extremely safe to use
  • Can allow lifting a large amount of weight


  • Costs a LOT!

Buyers Guide to Half Racks

When you go out there to buy a half rack there are a large number of things that you need to keep in mind. 

  • The amount of weight that your half rack can support matters a lot. If you are looking forward to lift 500lbs, get a rack that supports at least 600lbs (so on and so forth).
  • What are the safety measures taken to ensure it won’t topple over (broad base, rubber grip, etc) needs to be considered to make sure that you are not at a risk of getting injured 
  • The amount of space that the rack occupies vs the amount of space you have available also needs to be considered. Home gyms generally can’t accomodate large equipment. 
  • The kind of exercises that you can do on the half rack of your choice also need to be considered. There are some in which pull-ups are not possible, while there are some which provide for very little adjustments for bench presses. Make sure all of that is considered before you make the purchase. 
  • Last but not the least, the cost, warranty and after-sales services also need to be checked off your list. 

By keeping all these factors in mind along with our list of the best half racks for home gym, you will be able to buy the equipment that is perfect for all your needs! 

Pros and Cons of Half Racks

Here’s a closer look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a half rack for exercising:


  • Great for the upper body as well as lower body exercises
  • Often have space to arrange and place weight plates
  • Help you develop core body strength 
  • Don’t occupy as much space as a full rack
  • Perfect equipment for home gym because of the variety of different exercises


  • Need quite a bit of maintenance 
  • Not for rookie/untrained users
  • Not as safe as a full rack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Half Racks

Here are the answers to some of the most common and frequently asked questions about half racks that users often wonder about:

1. Are half racks safe to use?

Yes, half racks are safe to use. However, in comparison, full racks are generally considered safer because they provide a cage-like enclosure where there are lesser chances of any weight-related mishaps happening. Nonetheless, half racks on their own are also safe to operate, provided you know what you are doing and have a basic experience at a gym. 

2. How much weight can I lift using half racks?

It depends on how much weight your half rack can support. This ranges from about 300lbs to 1000lbs on an average. However, besides that you also need to have sufficient experience and training to handle that weight. So both these factors go hand in hand. 

3. How much space does a half rack usually occupy?

At their widest, they occupy a little under 4ft and at their smallest, a little under 2ft. The height is often adjustable according to the needs of the users. 

4. What sort of exercises can I do on a half rack?

Half racks are great for all sorts of exercises – upper body exercises such as deadlifts and bench presses, as well as pull-ups and chin-ups. Then there are lower body exercises such as squats and splits which can also be performed while using a half rack. 

5. How long will a half rack last me? 

Getting a good half rack will last you for years – often decades, provided how you are maintaining it. 


A half rack is a great device for anyone looking forward to setting up a home gym. The kind of exercises that it allows you without occupying too much space is really worth it. Half racks are great devices for anyone looking forward not only for a refreshing workout, but also for someone who seriously wants to train their body and improve their strength. It is a great equipment for improving your core strength. We hope that this article helped you gain a better insight into half racks and helped you choose the right equipment for your home gym! Did we miss any of them out, or is there anything else that you would like to know about half racks? Comment below or send us a mail, and we shall get back to you real soon! Till then…

…Happy Exercising! 🙂

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