Reviewing 10 Best Gymnastic Rings for Home Gyms in 2021


Gymnastic rings are something that people don’t really see as a common form of gym equipment, but when it comes to home gyms, these are really essential tools of keeping you fit! They provide you a mix of strength as well as cardio – without any of these bulky machines that are involved in gymming such as treadmills or barbells, etc. 

When it comes to working on improving your upper body strength, there’s perhaps no better tool at your disposal than a gymnastic ring. It is a very simple yet effective tool which allows you to improve your strength and balance, as well as to get quite a bit of exercise while occupying minimal space. This is what makes it a perfect fit for a home gym. In addition to all this, these are among some of the most inexpensive home gym products that you can get to work out at home.

Over the past few years there has been quite a surge in the way people understand ‘fitness’ and this is why crossfit has been becoming quite popular. Gymnastics is a core component of crossfit training and these gymnastic rings allow you to get a large variety of crossfit exercises done at the comfort of your home. 

In this article, we look at some of the best gymnastic rings for home gyms in 2021.

We provide you with a complete review of some of the best products that you can find and order on Amazon right away. Post that, we take a quick look at what all you need to consider while buying gymnastic rings – a buyer’s guide. We also take a look at the different exercises that are possible while using these rings, as well as at the difference between wooden and plastic gymnastic rings. Lastly, we answer some frequently asked questions before we conclude. 

We hope that by the time you reach the end of this article, you have found yourself a pair of the best gymnastic rings that will help you work out in just the way that you want! The thing about these rings is that they allow you lots of customizations and allow you to train different parts of your body. Each user can customize their usage and come up with a different method of exercising. Let us now take a closer look at some benefits of gymnastic rings:

Benefits of Using Gymnastic Rings

The question is – at a time where you can get any major equipment to be a part of your home gym, why should you go with something as simple and as basic as a pair of rings? Well, here are some benefits of using these rings to train:

One of the first things that stands out about these gymnastic rings is the fact that they are very versatile. You can use them in any way you want to, and get the most out of them. They can be attached to you ceiling, or to a pull-up bar, you can even use them on tree branches and get some outdoor workout done. Changing their height to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout is also quite possible with these rings.

These rings provide you a much deeper muscle workout than you would get with standard means.

A regular pushup would be done on the ground, but when you do it mid-air using these rings, it is a much higher intensity workout in comparison and allows your muscles to get even stronger.

Another major benefit of using these rings is that they help improve your balance. In fact this is one of the best such tools for improving your balance. You can work out while suspended mid-air and the slow movements allow you to focus more on your body and where it is moving. The benefits of it can be seen after a while of training and you will notice that you are able to control the balance of your body way better than in the past.

Lastly, gymnastic rings are also much easier on your joints than compared to most other forms of strength training equipment. You can move on them with a much greater freedom than you would on regular strength-focused or stationary equipment. There’s no excess pressure coming on your tendons or your ligaments, which allows you to get a very healthy workout without stressing your body too much.

Without any further ado, let us take a closer look at some of the best options that you can buy right away:

10 Best Gymnastic Rings for Home Gyms in 2021

At a time where fitness has become very important, these gymnastic rings will help you train your upper body in some very unique ways. All of these can be ordered right off Amazon and you don’t even have to go out in the pandemic to buy them. Here’s our list:

1. PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastics Rings 1500lbs with Adjustable Cam Buckle

  • Wooden Rings
  • Can support upto 1500lbs
  • 1.5 inch wide straps

These rings from PaceEarth are one of the best options for anyone looking forward to buying wooden gymnastic rings for their home gym. These rings provide you a sturdy support while working out and are among the highest rated rings on Amazon. They support up to 1500lbs of weight, allowing you to not only perform the basic exercises but also combine weights along with them. 

For those wondering about the specifics of the rings, they measure 1.1 inches in thickness and have an inside diameter of about 7.04 inches. This makes them a perfect fit for your home gym and you don’t have to worry about them breaking down or you not having enough of a grip. 

These rings are made out of wood and are quite premium at look and feel.

The rings offer you a very comfortable grip, which is among one of the most important things to consider while choosing a gymnastic ring. There’s an additional layer of blue non-slip tapes on the bottom portion of both the rings which ensures that you get a firm grip. The tape absorbs sweat and ensures that the wood doesn’t hurt your hand either. 

You get a very wide strap here, measuring in at 1.5 inches, which is wider than the standard 1.35 inches you get on most other rings. The buckle on these straps is also very safe and ensures that it holds on to the weight that is being carried by the rings. The buckle is adjustable and you can move the rings higher or lower based on your workout needs. The strap measures 14.76ft in height. 


  • Supports quite a heavy weight
  • Thicker straps than competition
  • Very good grip


  • Tape has to be updated after a few weeks or months of usage

2. REP FITNESS Wood Gymnastic Rings with Numbered Heavy Duty Adjustable Straps

  • 14ft tall, 1.5” wide straps
  • Wooden rings
  • Can support up to 600lbs of weight

A high-quality set of rings for people who prefer a natural workout for improving their strength or for those who are into crossfit. These are made out of a very premium wood and give you great strength and can last for quite a long time. These are lightweight rings which provide you a good grip while working out, ensuring that you remain safe. 

These rings come with straps that are 1.5” wide. The width of the strap makes it safer to use than those with thinner straps. In case you are to fold the straps and use them for a better grip or for your workout needs, this is comfortable even in that case.

The straps are also very easy to adjust and you could change the height in a matter of seconds. 

Furthermore, talking of the straps, it comes in two variants – 14ft and 7.5ft. The one that we are reviewing here is the longer of the two. The straps also have markings on them so you know at what height you are working out on. This makes adjustments really easy.

When you look at the texture of these rings, you will notice that they are made out of the same wood that is used in professional gymnastic events and international competitions. These rings are made out of the Baltic birch wood, which gives them strength as well as a fine and smooth texture. These rings are rated to carry up to 600lbs of weight. Lastly, you also get a one year warranty on the rings for any manufacturer defects. 


  • Made out of high quality Baltic birch wood 
  • Straps have markings for easy adjustment
  • Can support upto 600lbs of weight


  • The straps are too coarse to hold for long-term usage

3. NAYOYA Gymnastic Rings Workout Set with Adjustable Straps

  • Plastic Rings
  • Supports up to 2000lbs of weight
  • Strong buckle and straps

One of the best set of gymnastic rings that you can get your hands on if you are looking forward to buying plastic rings, these rings from NAYOYA are made to ensure that you get as good a strength training as humanly possible. These rings make use of a textured PC plastic which enhances your grip on it and ensures that you remain safe while working out on them. These are a great fit for any home gym as well as a crossfit club.

One of the best things about these rings is that they are rated to carry weights up to 2000lbs, which makes sure that you can work on your weights while improving your strength and balance at the same time. These are among some of the most durable rings in the markets. The rings are yellow in color and are bound to add quite a zing to your home gym.

Furthermore, setting up these rings in your home gym is also a very easy task and takes a matter of just minutes. The manufacturer stresses on the fact that you have to take the straps from underneath the buckles and move them in the direction the arrow in the buckle is pointing. Once you get that done that’s it. You can then start using the rings.

One thing that is a little ambiguous here is the exact dimensions of the straps.

Users have pointed out that the straps are almost 15ft in length and a little over 1 inch in width. This set of gymnastic rings is great for a large number of different exercises such as dips, rows, pull-ups, and practically any other exercise that is imaginable using a gymnastic ring. All in all, a great fit for any home gym!


  • Can support up to 2000lbs of weight
  • Very long straps
  • Buckle holds on to the rings tightly


  • Frequent readjustment of straps can be cumbersome

4. Newtion Professional Gym Rings with 15ft Adjustable Buckle Straps

  • Steel and Rubber Construction
  • 15ft straps
  • Anti-slip texture

Our first steel-based gymnastic ring on this list, this one comes from Newtion and is a very sturdy and durable set of rings that can help you workout in multiple different ways. These rings can carry weights up to 400kg (880lbs) and offer a very comfortable grip as well as long and adjustable straps – making it the perfect choice for your home gym.

First up, the construction of these rings is really impressive. They are made out of galvanized steel which has been thickened to ensure it offers right levels of strength. There’s a rubber coating on top which makes sure that you get a non-slip design that offers a very good grip.

Given how important a grip is when it comes to gymnastic rings, this set of rings from Newtion stands out among others!

The strap that you get here is 1.49 inches wide and measures 15ft in length, allowing you a lot of different height adjustments. It is made out of PE, which makes it very durable and strong too. Besides, the material is also comfortable enough for you to wrap around your hands and hold for certain exercises. The buckle that holds on to the rings is also very safe and strong – and carries a zig-zag pattern inside it. 

These rings are great for anyone who wants to work on their upper body and core strength. They cost under $25, and also come with a carrying bag. All of this put together makes it a really sweet deal for anyone looking forward to working out at home. 


  • Very durable
  • Excellent grip
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Straps slip out of hands at times

5. HARDYROAR Wood Gymnastic Rings – Gym Equipment for Crossfit and Body Training

  • Wooden rings
  • Supports up to 1000lbs
  • Grip tapes on the rings for additional support

If you are looking forward to buying a great pair of wooden rings which are also extremely safe to use, then you should look no further than these gymnastic rings from HardyRoar. For those who keep safety as their top priority, there’s nothing better than these rings out there! With a price point of almost $50, these are some of the most premium home gym gymnastic rings that you can find.

Made out of birch wood, these rings are 32mm thick and offer you a really smooth grip that won’t hurt your hands even if you directly hold the wood. For extra padding and improving the grip, there is a layer of non-slip black tape on the bottom of the rings. The inner diameter of the ring measures 6.75 inches while the exterior stands in at 9.25 inches. 

Coming to the USP of these rings, which is ‘safety’, you get 4 carabiners here, which are metal hooks that hold these double-layered straps together.

Setting them up is also quite easy as it is just a 5-step process and can be done in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the carabiners, it is very easy and quick to achieve symmetry here and to ensure that both your rings are hanging at the same height. You don’t even need a wrench to operate the carabiner as you can do that simply by pushing it using your fingers. 

This is a perfect fit for indoors as well as outdoors usage. They are bigger in size than many other rings, allowing you to easily insert your hand and your feet in them based on your needs. You also get a carrying bag along with this set of rings, which is always a great addition. 


  • Premium birch wood
  • Double-layered straps
  • Easy to set up and safe to use


  • Excess straps can be a little annoying at times

6. Titan Fitness Wooden Gymnastics Rings with Cam Buckle Straps

  • Wooden rings
  • Support 600lbs of weight
  • Measure 9.25” on the outside and 8” on the inside

Titan Fitness is a very popular name when it comes to getting equipment for your home gym. Apart from making some of the best gymnastic rings, the company makes a number of other fitness-related products too and users have a high degree of trust on this brand. These rings are made out of wood and are great for upper body exercises as well as for strength and balance training. 

One of the key highlights of these rings is that they are very strong and can easily carry a weight of up to 600lbs. This allows you to use them in a very versatile manner, including ring dips, pull-ups, ring rows, and other ring-based exercises. You can swing along with these rings without worrying about them breaking off or falling down. These are also a great tool for bicep, tricep, and abs focused exercises. 

The straps that come with these Titan Fitness gymnastic rings are also pretty sturdy.

They measure 15 feet in height and come with an adjustable buckle. The straps are very long and they can be folded around the corners using another buckle. You can have them go up and around a tree, or any structure with great ease and set them up in a matter of just minutes.

The inner diameter of these rings is 8” and the outer diameter is about 9.25”. These rings are 1.25” thick and provide you a wide and smooth surface for a strong grip. The wood here is crafted carefully so that it does not give you any blisters when you hold it tightly. One of the best gymnastic rings for beginners as well as pro users and a great fit for crossfit enthusiasts as well! We strongly recommend this one. 


  • Can support weight up to 600lbs
  • Very smooth to hold
  • Strong buckles


  • Better suited for indoor use than outdoor use

7. Elite Sportz Gymnastic Rings – Exercise Ring Set for Total Body Strength Training & Pull Ups

  • Plastic rings
  • Outer diameter 9.25”
  • 15 ft straps

One of the best options if you are looking forward to buying an inexpensive ring for your indoor home gym, these rings from Elite Sportz are minimal in design and offer you a wide range of exercise options. Setting them up is quite easy, they are durable and can be used indoors as well as outdoors – a very versatile set of rings for someone who wants the perfect crossfit experience at the comfort of their home. 

Crossfit often involves you using the ring in more manners than a traditional fitness enthusiast would. This ring can pretty much be used for any purpose. Be it pullups, crossfit dips, or exercises involving the legs – all of them can be attained using these rings. The outer diameter of these rings measures 9.25” and the inner diameter measures 7”, giving you a good enough space to use them.

These are made out of non-textured plastic, which makes holding them quite smooth and ensures you don’t get any blisters or scratches on your hand while you are using it.

These are also very light in weight, and if the rings swing on to you, they won’t hurt you. This sounds like an unlikely scenario but it is more common than you would think it to be. High quality straps and buckles give it an added strength and ensure that they stay together and don’t fall off. 

Lastly, you get an additional product along with these gymnastic rings – a skipping rope. This is a great cardio exercise which allows you to lose quite a bit of weight while working out on your strength and fitness using the rings. All in all, a great fit for your home gym! 


  • Smooth plastic for a good grip
  • Lightweight and safe to use 
  • Free skipping rope


  • Frayed straps, reports of breakage

8. SELEWARE Gymnastic Rings, Non-Slip Plastic Olympic Fitness Rings

  • Steel and Rubber construction
  • 1.2 inch thick rings
  • 30-day refund if not satisfied with the product

Here comes one of the most colorful set of gymnastic rings for your home gym. So far we’ve seen rings that are of a single color and don’t usually stand out and attract attention. These rings, however, come in a flashy blue color and have straps that look quite unique. When it comes to improving the visual aesthetic of your home gym while giving you a good training experience, these are the rings you should turn to! 

First up, let us talk about the innovative design that you get here. The lower half of these rings comes with a textured body. This ensures that you get a good grip. The grooved surface makes for an anti-slip and sweat-resistant design too. The rings measure about 1.2 inches in thickness and neither too thick nor too thin – just the right size for your palm to grasp them. 

These are essentially stainless steel rings wrapped around in soft leather which give you a combination of durability as well as comfort. While they look quite tacky and playful, don’t take these rings lightly as they can hold weights up to 1000lbs, which is really very impressive for a ring its size. 

A pair of stainless steel carabiners along with a camouflage strap helps keep these rings afloat for you to work out. The 14.5ft polyester straps can be adjusted based on your needs. These are a good option for kids as well as for adults to work out. These rings also provide you with a thirty day refund in case you are not satisfied with their performance. The customer service is also on point. 


  • Attractive color
  • Strong and durable – can support upto 1000lbs
  • Rubber grip is easy on hands


  • Adjusting height takes quite a bit of time

9. Wood Gymnastic Rings – Premium Heavy Duty Cross Training Gymnastics Rings

  • Wooden Rings
  • Two size variants
  • 15 foot straps

One of the best options for you if you are looking forward to buying wooden gymnastic rings for your home gym. These rings can hold up to 550lbs of weight (or 440lbs if you go for the 1.1inch variant) and are actually quite strong and durable. These rings are also very smooth to hold and are a great fit for any home gym.

A set of rings that is going to last you for years to come, these wooden rings from Garage Fit are very durable and allow you to perform a vast variety of exercises. You can use these rings to work on your chest, your shoulders, your abs, arms, and practically any portion of your upper body. These are also a great option for crossfit enthusiasts who want to improve their overall balance as you can suspend yourself midair using these rings and practice different pull-ups. 

These rings come with fifteen feet straps, which are a great option for using in practically all kinds of scenarios. Be it regular household use or be it outdoor gymming. These are also a great set of rings to be used along with trees. The only precaution that you’ve got to take while using these rings is that you must not leave them out in the rain. 


  • 2 variants 
  • Well suited for outdoor use
  • Great for crossfit training


  • Can’t carry a lot of weight

10. GOTOTOP Gymnastic Rings and Straps ABS Gym Ring Home Gym Non-Slip Workout Ring

  • Supports up to 880lbs
  • Three color variants
  • Built of ABS material

If you are looking forward to buying gymnastic rings for your home gym but don’t want to spend even in double digits, this is the perfect set of rings that you should eye for. Priced under $10, these gymnastic rings are made out of ABS material, which is a very strong thermoplastic that allows you to swing without the fear of it breaking off.

These rings support 200kg of weight individually (880kgs in total). There’s an anti-skid rough design on the rings which makes sure that you get a firm grip and you do not accidentally fall off while working out on them. The ring measures 9.05 inches in diameter and comes in three color variants – one red and two black sets. 

A great option for anyone who is looking forward to practicing crossfit or strength training at home, these rings could also be used outdoors such as your backyard or a public park. They allow you a total body workout but are particularly great for upper-body strength. 

Another great thing about these rings from GoToTop is the fact that you can set them up in under five minutes.

The buckle is really strong and holds on to the ring really well. This gives you a peace of mind that you won’t fall off while using these rings. To conclude, at the price point that it comes in at, these rings are quite an effective way of getting a home workout done! 


  • Very cheap
  • Can carry 880lbs of weight
  • Good for outdoor use


  • The design needs major improvements 

Buyer’s Guide to Gymnastic Rings: What to Look for Before You Buy Them?

Now that you know which are some of the best options for you when it comes to buying a gymnastic ring, here’s quick buyer’s guide which will help you make an even better decision:

Material of the Rings

Gymnastic rings are made of primarily three different substances. They can be plastic rings, wooden rings, or steel rings. Each of them have their own pros and cons which we have discussed in detail in the next section. Nonetheless, simplifying things here, wooden rings are the ones which are the most preferred these days and steel rings seem to be on their way out.

Size of the Rings

Size of the rings matters quite a bit. Do you want large rings or are you ok with smaller rings? How much area do you have and what kind of exercises do you want to pull off using these gymnastic rings? Based on all these answers you should select the size of the ring.

Straps: How narrow or wide a strap is also matters a lot. If you are a beginner we’d recommend going for wider (38mm) straps, but for those who have been working out for a while and are into crossfit, you might want to consider slimmer straps.

Weight: The weight of the rings also matters. This is why wooden rings are given a priority by most users because they are not as lightweight as plastic rings but they aren’t as heavy and clunky as steel rings either. Since these are suspended mid air there’s a lot of chance that they are going to swing around quite a bit – and you don’t want to be hit by a heavy steel ring!

Hand Sensitivity

If you have sensitive hands or sensitive skin in general, you might want to go with wooden or plastic rings as they are much easier on your hands when compared to steel rings, which are almost certain to give you some sort of a skin callus over a long-term usage.

Grip: Make sure that the rings that you are using give you a good grip. Grip is one of the most important things while working on a gymnastic ring and losing your grip could be quite dangerous as you might slip and hurt yourself.

Cost and Warranty: Cost as well as warranty are two major factors that you should consider while buying practically any object and not just gymnastic rings. They play the same part here that they would in any other fitness equipment. 

Wooden Rings vs Plastic Rings vs Steel Rings: Which Gymnastic Rings are Better?

Primarily there are three kinds of gymnastic rings that are available – steel, wooden and plastic rings. Here’s a closer look at all three of them which will help you get a better idea about which rings are better suited for your needs –

  • Plastic Rings:

These are a better choice for you if you plan on using them outdoors. If you wish to tie them to a tree in your backyard and use them, plastic rings are just the right choice as moisture and humidity don’t damage them. This is something that wooden rings as well as steel rings can’t stand over a long term. These rings are also considerably lighter in weight when compared to wooden rings and much lighter compared to steel rings. Another thing about plastic rings (and more specifically polycarbonate rings) is the fact that they are smoother and easier on your hands when compared to the other two types of rings. 

  • Wooden Rings:

One of the most important things that you must consider while getting a gymnastic ring is the kind of grip that you get when you are working out on them. This is very important because if your grip isn’t good you might fall and hurt yourself. Wooden rings offer you the best possible grip. While wooden rings have a shorter life span than other kinds of rings, you can still use them for a good six to eight years. They also provide a great aesthetic when compared to the other two kinds of rings and are generally seen as better looking.

  • Steel Rings:

These kinds of rings are best suited for you if you prefer using very heavy rings to train on. Modern day trainers and gyms use mostly wooden or plastic rings but you can still see an occasional steel ring around. These are very heavy which makes them dangerous to use as they might hurt you if they accidentally swing on to you. These rings aren’t suited for people who have skin sensitivity issues either. You can’t use them outdoors as well because there’s a risk of rusting.

Different Gymnastic Ring Exercises for Your Home Gym

Gymnastic rings are among some of the best exercise options that you can get hold of. We have talked about the versatility of these rings multiple times, but what exactly are these different exercises that you can pull off while using a gymnastic ring? Here’s a closer look at some of them: 

  • Bulgarian Pull-Ups:

This is one of the most basic kinds of exercises that you can get done while using gymnastic rings. All you need to do is to keep the rings at a height that you would be above the ground level while gripping them. Once you have pulled yourself above the rings, slowly move your arms away. Then slowly bring them together and bring yourself down. This exercises your shoulders, hands, arms and forearms. We suggest doing a few regular pull-ups before moving to Bulgarian pull-ups.

  • Ring Dips:

Another very basic and very popular form of exercise that is possible using gymnastic rings. This exercise helps you work on your triceps as well as on your shoulders and your chest. Hang the rings in a position that will ensure you are above the ground while working out. Hold the rings in a ‘support position’ (imagine imaginary crutches under your arms while you hold the rings. Post that you can start with the dips in the regular manner. Go as far up as possible and slowly come down. 

  • Ring Rows:

Lower the rings a little, hold them tight, dig your heels into the ground and pull yourself up and down with your feet and body at a tilted angle. This is a very beginner-friendly exercise that will help you exercise your back, arms as well as your triceps. You can lower the rings to increase the difficulty levels. This is one of the simplest ways to get started with gymnastic rings in your home gym setup. 

These are three of the most basic kinds of exercises that you can get done using gymnastic rings at your home gym. There are hundreds of other variations, some named, some unique to the user. All said and done, however, these rings are one of the best equipment to start off with your warmups and strength-building exercises. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Gymnastic Rings

Here are the answers to some of the most common and frequently asked questions about gymnastic rings for a home gym. Do go through them as you might have similar questions as well and this will help you answer a lot of your doubts:

1. Where can I buy gymnastic rings?

Gymnastic rings are among some of the most common fitness equipment which you can find in practically any fitness store around you. However, the best place to buy them currently is on Amazon as you get a large variety and discounts, as well as don’t have to venture out yourself amid the ongoing pandemic to procure them. Our list provides you with some of the best gymnastic rings that you can order from the comfort of your home and get them delivered right at your doorstep!

2. Which is the best kind of a gymnastic ring?

We consider wooden rings to be the best gymnastic rings for working out. This is because they offer a longer lifespan, a superior grip, and are generally more aesthetically pleasing and easier on your hands too! However, this is ultimately a personal choice made by you so go for whichever kind of ring you are the most comfortable working with. 

3. Are these rings good for beginners?

Yes, gymnastic rings are one of the most beginner-friendly workout equipment out there. You could have never worked out in your life and still be at immediate comfort with them. These are a great means of working out and are a common sight at most crossfit centers too. They provide a very easy and natural form of exercise that helps you work out better than most other gym equipment. 

4. Can I use gymnastic rings outdoors?

Yes, gymnastic rings can be used outdoors as well. Many users actually prefer using them outdoors by hanging them to a tree or somewhere in their backyard while working out in nature. You just need to make sure you’re getting a plastic ring while using it outdoors because wooden, as well as steel rings, can’t stand the humidity. 

5. How much would gymnastic rings cost me?

One of the best things about these rings is the fact that they are quite inexpensive. They start at about $20 and go all the way up to around $60, with a few exceptions going above and beyond the range. But to sum it up, they are not a burden on your pocket by any means!


We hope that this article helped you choose the best gymnastic rings for your home gym. We have tried to provide as detailed a review as possible and we hope that this has helped you make just the right choice! These rings are very simple tools of leading a healthy lifestyle, as well as improving your overall core body strength and balance. Getting them would indeed benefit you in the long run. Do let us know in the comments or drop us a mail if you have any more questions about these rings and we shall get back to you as soon as we can! Till then…

…Happy Exercising! 🙂 

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