10 Best Bumper Plates for Home Gyms in 2021


Over the past year, as the world battles a global pandemic, fitness enthusiasts have taken to home gyms to ensure that they remain fit at a time when going to professional gyms might not be possible. In this article, we talk about some of the best bumper plates for home gyms that you can buy off the web right away. However, we also take a closer look at understanding what bumper plates are and what your alternatives are too. 

Bumper Plates are basically rubber plates which have a steel core which can fit on Olympic styled bars. These are usually the plates of choice for most professional gym owners as well as for people who wish to compete in international weightlifting competitions. Straight-up the first benefit of using bumper plates is that they are lined with rubber, and when you place them after lifting them, they will not damage your floor, the lifting platform, or the bar and plates themselves.

What makes bumper plates special is that they are all of the same size. They might be of different thickness and weight, but the size remains the same for all of them. This ensures that when you place the bar on the ground, all the weights hit the floor at the same time and distribute the weight with a better ease. 

There are a large number of options that you get when you are looking forward to buying bumper plates for home gyms. When you are buying them you might want to buy an IWF certified bumper plate. IWF is the International Weightlifting Federation, which ensures a proper safety as well as weight standard. 

Having understood what bumper plates are, let us dig straight into some of the best options that there are when it comes to these weights: 

10 Best Bumper Plates for Home Gyms in 2021 [Reviews]

Here is a list of some of the best bumper plates for your home gym in 2021. These weights can be ordered from Amazon and will reach your doorstep without you having to step out and risk yourself in the pandemic. We have provided a detailed review of each of these products along with their key specs, pros and cons. 

1. HulkFit Color Coded Olympic 2-Inch Rubber Bumper Plate 

  • Single packs
  • 15lbs, 35lbs and 45lbs variants
  • 2 inch diameter for the rod

If you are looking for a beast of a bumper plate for your home gym, one which is durable, professional, and great to use – and offers you olympic-grade training experience, this is the one that you should be going for! HulkFit’s bumper plates come in three options – 15lbs, 35lbs and 45lbs (color coded as orange, blue and red). You get a single bumper plate here but you can buy multiple of them to attach on your Olympic bar. 

The inner ring has a 2-inch diameter which is the global standard and it allows you to fit into practically any Olympic barbell with great ease. Besides that, these bumper plates have a high density rubber around them, which has a minimal bounce. This makes sure that when you drop the bar after a deadlift or a power lift, it does not bounce back too much and does not end up hurting you upon the drop. 

The bumper plates are color coded and numbered – in lbs as well as in kgs, so that they can be used by people who follow different measurement systems. These bumper plates are designed in a way that they will protect your floor upon the drop, as well as the rod that goes between them. You can buy weights of different sizes here to customize your rod with just the right weight for your lifting needs. 


  • Low bounce rubber
  • Olympic-standard 2-inch center ring
  • Color coded 


  • 10lbs weights can bend if dropped alone

2. CAP Barbell Black Rubber Bumper Plates, Pair 

  • 2 plates of 45lbs each
  • Black color
  • 2 inch diameter hole in the center

CAP is a very popular brand and one which you will often see when you enter any place which sells fitness equipment, particularly weights. The company also makes some of the best bumper plates for home gyms that you can find online in 2021. You can order them off Amazon and they will be a great addition to your home gym, particularly if you are looking for heavier weights. 

These are a set of two all-black bumper plates, each weighing 45 pounds, giving you a total of 90 pounds to add on to your bar. Users have noticed that even after a long-term usage of these bumper plates, there are no cracks or any signs of wear and tear that appear on them. 

The rubber used here does not bounce too much upon impact, which is an added benefit for those lifting at home as you do not want to damage your floor when you drop them. The rubber used here is mostly virgin rubber but there are elements of recycled rubber too. Despite that, the bounce remains minimal. These are a great option for powerlifting as well as for deadlifts. The rubber coating is nice and thick and there’s no noise when you keep them down. 

On the center there’s a 2 inch hole which allows Olympic standard bars to fit into it with ease. There’s a steel insert surrounding that hole which ensures that your bar does not crack while lifting the weights. These are very durable weights and strongly recommended for all home-lifters. 


  • Good for those who want to add heavier weights
  • Supports the Olympic standard bar
  • Doesn’t bounce too much


  • Comes in only black

3. SimpleL Olympic Barbell Black Rubber Bumper Plates 

  • One pair of 10lbs weights
  • Also offer 25lb/35lb/45lb/55lb variants
  • Black colored

Now this is something that is well suited for anyone who is looking for lighter weights to add to their olympic bars. These are 10lbs weights that can be added or removed based on your needs. These are generally recommended for those who are just starting off with weightlifting and want to increase the weight in small increments. You get a total of 20lbs when you buy this pair.

SimpleL’s bumper plates are made out of natural rubber which offers minimal bounce (but a little more than what you’d otherwise expect from a bumper plate). Thanks to the thick rubber coating, there’s minimal sound – all that clanging and banging can be really disturbing if done in a home gym. At the center of the plate, you will find a steel insert which grips really well to the Olympic bars that go through it. There’s a 2-inch hole in the center which is the universal standard for Olympic bars. 

While these are the 10lbs weights, you can also get it in variants of 25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs, and 55lbs. A combo pack featuring multiple weight combinations is also available at the Amazon product page. These weights aren’t entirely color-coded but the text on them is of different colors, which gives you a quick visual cue at identifying the weights. The plates also have their weight written on them in lbs as well as in kgs.

Lastly, this offers you really good customer service and support satisfaction. You can call up their helpline for any assistance on using these weights. Even in case of after-sales service, the company is quite reliable and trustworthy. 


  • Great for those who need light weights
  • Available in 5 weight variants
  • Color coded for easy identification


  • 10lbs plates can bend if used alone on a bar

4. IFAST Olympic Bumper Weight Plates 2-Inch Color Coded Rubber Plate

  • Set of four pairs 
  • Weight: 10lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs and 45lbs
  • Color-coded bumper plates

If you are looking for a complete set of bumper plates to add to your olympic bars, you should try going for this kit from IFAST. There are four pairs of weights, measuring 10lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs, and 45lbs each, offering you a total weight of 230lbs (a little over 104kg). These are best suited for professional lifers who want a complete kit and don’t want to go buying individual bumper plates. 

It is always best advised to get hold of all of them from the same manufacturer as you would then get a set of homogenous plates which would give you a uniform experience. These rubber coated bumper plates are great for any home gym, and are well suited for people of any experience level as you can remove or add the weight to it based on your needs.

These are completely living up to all the IWF standards and use a high density rubber which offers a very low bounce. This makes them an ideal choice for powerlifters as well as for those bodybuilders who are into deadlifts. When you drop the barbells, you won’t have to worry about it bouncing back or hurting the rod because the rubber is of such a quality that it reduces the bounce and bears the shock. You also don’t have to worry about any noise or damage to the floor.

These are color-coded bumper plates – grey for 10lbs, green for 25lbs, orange for 35lbs and blue for 45lbs. This gives you a quick visual cue at identifying the different weights which otherwise look all too same. The company also promises to resolve any issues with the product and promises ‘100% customer satisfaction’. We would recommend you to not use the 10lbs weights without any other weights as they might end up bending. 


  • An entire set
  • Color coded for better identification
  • Follows all IWF standards


  • Expensive

5. AMGYM LB Bumper Plates Olympic Weight Plates – Bumper Weight Plates

  • A set of two weights
  • Each weight weighs 55lbs
  • Hooked insert for better grip

These are the heaviest pair of weights that you can find on our list. Weighing in at 55lbs each, the two combined offer you 110lbs, which is something that experienced lifters would appreciate as they are usually looking for heavy bumper plates. These are the among the best bumper plates for home gyms for those people who want to compete in professional events as they follow all IWF standards and measure exactly 17.72inches in diameter. 

These are also thinner than most other plates that their competitors make, allowing you to add more weight to your bar. Besides, what also makes these weights from AMGYM special is the fact that they use some of the best quality rubber that you can find on any bumper plate! It is pure virgin rubber which offers a very low bounce – so little that you would hardly notice it, making it ideal for drops after powerlifting and deadlifts. 

The rubber coating also makes it ideal for your home gym as even when it is fully loaded, your bar won’t make a clanging sound. Besides that, your floor also remains fully protected during your workout. The insert on the center is a ‘hooked’ variant which makes sure that the rod is firmly held and the plates don’t slip off. 

These weights are available in a number of different variants – 10lbs, 15lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs and of course, the 55lbs (which is the one that we are reviewing). Moreover, all these bumper plates come with a 3 year warranty period which makes it an even more lucrative deal and an ideal fit for any home gym!


  • Very low-bounce rubber coating
  • Follows all IWF standards
  • Hooked insert ensures a tight grip


  • Expensive

6. CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Rubber Bumper Plate, Single

  • Single bumper plate
  • Weighs 25lbs
  • Virgin, low-bounce, rubber

This is our second CAP product here on this list of the best bumper plates for home gyms. Compared to the previous one which weighed 45lbs, these weigh 25 pounds. You must, however, take note that these are singles and not a pair. So if you are looking forward to buying one for each end of your barbell, you might want to buy two of them. 

Made out of a high-quality steel and rubber, these are the perfect plates for anyone who wishes to use them for a long-term purpose. The rubber coating comes from virgin rubber, offers minimal bounce, and is of great use for anyone who wishes to enter competitive powerlifting or any type of weight lifting where the weights are not to be kept back, but dropped. 

Besides this, the rubber that is used here is odor-free, which is a common complaint that we hear from many people using bumper plates. These plates follow IWF standards and are very accurate up to 5 grams of the promised weight. There’s a 2-inch hole in the center along with a steel insert, which makes it a perfect fit for Olympic styled bars. 

Color coding is on point here because the entire plate is colored and not just the text, making it very easy to identify different weights, as well as adding quite a splash of color to your home gym. While this is the 25lbs variant, you can get these weights in different size variants – 10lbs, 35lbs and 45lbs as well. CAP, as we have pointed out earlier, is indeed one of the best options for anyone looking forward to buying bumper plates for home gyms! 


  • Completely colored for easy identification
  • Odor-free rubber
  • Very accurate in terms of weight


  • Comes as a single unit and not a pair

7. QCen Bumper Plates, Solid High-Density Olympic Weight Plates 

  • Pair of two 10lbs plates
  • Black colored
  • Low bounce natural rubber

Another good option for those people who wish to use lightweight bumper plates to add to their barbells, the QCen bumper plates offer 10lbs of weight each and come in a pair. Now the thing about 10lbs weights is that they are often so lightweight that when used in isolation they might end up bending. These plates from QCen, however, are much sturdier than any other 10lbs weights that we have come across (though we still won’t recommend using them in isolation but pairing them up with other weights).

There are two-inch holes in the center along with steel inserts which add strength to the overall construction as well as ensure that the rod sticks well to the plates. Following the International Weightlifting Federation standards, these plates are 17.72 inches in size, which is the one used in all competitive weightlifting events worldwide.

These bumper plates aren’t really color coded but are a minimal black in color and have their weight inscribed on them. The rubber used here is a high-density natural rubber which protects the plate as well as the rod, and of course your floor. The bounce on these plates is minimal but expect the 10lbs plates to bounce a little as they don’t weight too much. 

QCen creates some of the best bumper plates for home gyms as they can be used for squats, deadlifts, snatches, etc. Anyone who wishes to get fitter can use this and the same is the case with anyone who wants to compete professionally. 25lbs and 45lbs variants are also available. 


  • Minimal bounce
  • Sturdy plates that don’t bend
  • Follow all IWF standards


  • 10lbs is suitable primarily for beginners

8. papababe Bumper Plates, Hi-Temp Olympic Weight Plates

  • A pair of two 35lbs plates
  • Color coded with yellow text
  • Made out of recycled material

One of the most premium weightlifting bumper plates for home gyms, papababe makes bumper plates in four different variants, and this one is a pair of 35lbs plates. What really sets them apart is the way they look and feel. These aren’t your typical ‘regular’ plates with black background and a single-colored text. These are a more ‘rugged’ looking set of plates with flakes of a color added on top to provide a nice bling to the plate. 

A major USP of using these weights is that they are made out of 100% recycled material, which is great for the environment. These are also some of the toughest bumper plates out there which make sure that the body does not crack even after years of usage. These plates are easy on themselves, as well as on the rod. A steel insert makes sure that the rod has a firm grip on the plates. 

Besides being easy on themselves and the rod, they are also a good choice for your floor. The rubber is just the right amount of bouncy to make sure that the floor doesn’t get damaged and that the weight gets distributed evenly. The company claims that they are so durable that they can be used for over 60,000 drops, making them an ideal set of bumper plates for crossfit training.

These are very durable and resistant bumper plates and can withstand all temperatures, humidities and even sunshine. This makes it a great option for outdoor trainers who like to train in their backyard. Papababe is indeed one of the best options for anyone looking for bumper plates for their home gyms.


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Very low bounce
  • Extremely durable in all weather conditions


  • Expensive

9. BalanceFrom Everyday Essentials Color Coded Olympic Bumper Plate

  • A pair of 55lbs bumper plates
  • Color-coded in orange color
  • Premium, low-bounce rubber coating

BalanceFrom is one of the most common names in the world of fitness equipment, and their bumper plates are also among the best choices for anyone training for lifting weights at home. These are high-quality, olympic-standard and IWF approved bumper plates which are great for pro-lifters who have been lifting weights for some time now as they are quite heavy. 

These bumper plates weigh 55lbs and come in a pair, providing you a total of 110lbs when used together. These are orange in color and the color coding is on the entire body and not just the text, which makes them easily identifiable and also making your gym a little more flashy! 

On the center there’s a 2-inch ring which allows you to fit Olympic bars in them and offers a tight grip, making sure they do not slip and fall off. While this is a pair of weights, if you wish to buy just one, there’s an option for that too. Talking of options, you get weight variants in the form of 10, 15, 25, 35 and 45lbs too. These are the 55lbs variant and are the heaviest of the lot. 

The rubber that is used here is the standard low-bounce high-density variety which will make sure that you can drop your weights after you’ve lifted them without the worry of it bouncing back to hurt you. The premium rubber coating also protects the floors, the rod and the plates themselves. 


  • Complete color coding
  • Premium quality low-bounce rubber
  • Very tight grip with the bar


  • The smell of rubber is too strong

10. Olympic Bumper Plate by D1F

  • Pair of 25lbs bumper plates 
  • Black colored plates
  • Available in five variants  

If you are looking for a set of Olympic bumper plates that are easy on your pocket while providing you with a great home-gymming experience, you have reached the right place. D1F, or Day 1 Fitness, provides some of the best bumper plates that you can find on Amazon. These are one of the bestselling set of plates which offer you much more than traditional weightlifting.

In case you are looking for bumper plates that you can use for abdominal training and non-lifting exercises, these are quite useful for that. Given that they are easy on your hands and smooth to hold, you can use them for CrossFit training as well. The plates are all made of stainless steel and have a thick rubber coating which is low-bounce in nature, making it very safe to use.

Besides that, there’s a strong steel insert in the middle of the ring with a two-inch hole that allows you to insert the plates in an Olympic barbell with ease. The plates measure 17.5 inches in diameter and are just the perfect choice for anyone who is looking forward to performing deadlifts or powerlifting at home. 

These aren’t really color-coded and provide a minimalist black look. You can also get other weight variants at 10lbs, 15lbs, 35lbs and 45lbs. Furthermore, these are a ‘made in America’ product, ensuring you a much better quality than bumper plates that come from other countries. You also get much better customer support when you buy an all-American product. 


  • Low-bounce rubber, safe to use 
  • Good customer support 
  • Good grip with the Olympic rod


  • Not properly color coded

How to Choose the Best Bumper Plates for Home Gyms?

Now that you know which are the best options for buying bumper plates for your home gyms, you also need to know some things that you must look for before you make the decision to purchase the plates:

1. Check the Bounce

One of the first things that you must keep in mind while choosing your ideal bumper plates for a home gym is that it must bounce as little as possible. Plates which bounce the least are the safest to use while bodybuilding as well as power training. In case of olympic lifting as well as powerlifting, the focus normally is on lifting your bar. Once you are done with that you can allow it to drop in a free fall. If the plates bounce they can hurt you in that case. Hence the plates need to have as less bounce as you can possibly find.

2. Quality of Center Ring

One of the most important parts of these olympic style bumper plates is the center ring. As the bar goes through these rings, you need to make sure that your center ring is made of a high-quality material which keeps the plates firmly attached to the bar. The grip is really important and you need to make sure that your rod is holding firmly to the bumper plates. 

3. Quality of the Rubber

It is generally preferred that the rubber around the plates is virgin rubber which has the least possible bounce. The other option that you have is recycled rubber, however, that is not something that is preferred when using bumper plates as that has a high bounce in comparison. 

4. IWF certification

A certification from the International Weightlifting Federation assures you that the plates follow all the proper standards and guidelines that are required to be followed in an international competition. These plates are the same globally and give you a great edge when practicing for professional or competitive bodybuilding. 

5. Color Coding

Getting color-coded bumper plates are a great way to tell them apart because otherwise they are of the same size. Make sure that the plates you are buying are color-coded so that you can tell them apart with ease. Also, this adds a little bit of vibrance to your home gym. Some plates are only color-coded on the numbers and not on the entire body, while there are others which are entirely colored. You need to consider that before you buy the plates too.

6. Cost and Warranty

Last but certainly not the least – the cost and warranty factors need to be accounted for too. Set a budget and try and find the best bumper plates in that range. Warranty plays an important role too, so make sure you get the longest possible warranty period. In our experience, getting a product manufactured in America brings you better customer support than ones manufactured in far-off countries.  

Benefits of Using Bumper Plates at Home

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of using these plates for weightlifting at home:

  • The first benefit that you get is that since there’s a rubber coating here, they do not produce that clanging and banging sound that the traditional iron plates produce when you place them back after lifting them. This is a silent yet effective way of working out. This makes early morning workouts at home really comfortable.
  • These are a great option for anyone who is looking forward to olympic-style lifts or crossfit, because in these forms of workout the bar has to be dropped to the floor or on the lifting platform quite a few times and that might actually end up damaging the tiles on your floor. Since these bumper plates have a rubber coating around them, they ensure that your floor remains protected at all times.
  • Furthermore, there’s another reason as to why bumper plates are a good choice for your floor, as they are all of the same size and when the bar is kept on the ground, it will distribute the weight evenly across all the plates as all of them hit the ground at the same time. 
  • Sometimes when you are working on exercises which are more focused on power than on bodybuilding, such as some crossfit workouts, in those cases you’d require to use bumper plates only because other plates can’t really be released mid air or let go from overhead because when they hit the floors the impact can be too harsh. This is of particular use when you are doing something on the lines of an overhead squat or a snatch.
  • Another reason as to why bumper plates are a great option for your home gym is that they come in a large variety of color options – certainly much more than regular training plates. These come in red, blue, yellow, green and a large number of other color variants – adding a zing to your home gym that the good-old black-and-grey plates totally miss. Since they are all of the same size, sometimes the color can be a good way to know which plate weighs how much.

Bumper Plates vs Iron Plates: Which is a Better Choice for your Home Gym?

When it comes to getting plates for your bars, you have two options – you can either go with jumper plates or go with standard plates (iron plates). These are two distinct options for two distinct types of users. If you are someone who wants to focus purely on bodybuilding you might want to go for an iron plate. However, for power-focused bodybuilders, you must consider bumper plates.

Bumper plates are particularly important for those weight lifters who wish to participate in major competitions because these Olympic-standard bumper plates are the ones that are used internationally. These are way more durable thanks to the rubber coating, and they are also significantly sturdier and last for a way longer time period too. Consider these plates as a long-term workout companion as they are easily going to last you for years without any problems. 

Iron plates are also good for those people who want a more traditional ‘gym’ experience and are looking for some heavy lifting. These weights can be used in power racks and for traditional bodybuilding, but not for crossfit or olympic style training. While bumper plates are a great choice for a high intensity workout, iron plates are a good fit for those who wish to lift for bodybuilding purposes. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Bumper Plates

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about bumper plates:

1. Are bumper plates a good fit for home gyms or should they only be used in professional gyms?

Bumper plates are a great fit for home gyms, and are also a common sight in pro gyms. These are a good option for home gyms because they do not damage your floor and do not create a lot of sound, while also adding vibrant colors to your workout zone and providing you international standards of weights in your home. 

2. How much do bumper plates usually cost?

Bumper plates start from a sub-$50 price point, and can go all the way up to $300-something for a pair. If you want to buy a whole set with four to five different pairs of bumper plates of different weights, that can cost you north of $600 too. However, that’s a good one-time investment to get started with your home gym

3. Why are bumper plates usually so bright and colorful?

Since they are all of the same size, the only way to tell them apart visually is by color coding them. A red weight could weigh 10lbs and a blue one could weigh 25lbs, similarly, different colors for different weights. 

4. Are these plates well suited for crossfit workouts?

Yes, these are best suited for crossfit workouts as you are required to drop them during power training and these can handle that drop without damaging the plate, the bar or the floor thanks to the rubber coating. Just make sure your plates have as less bounce as possible. 


We hope that by this point in the article, you have a good idea about what bumper plates are, what makes them special, how to choose the best bumper plates for your home gyms, and most importantly, which is the best bumper plate for your home gym. These are a great option for you if you are into enhancing your power or are a bodybuilder who wants to work out at the comfort of their home. If there are any questions that still persist, feel free to comment below or to drop us a mail and we shall get back to you as soon as we can!  Till then..

Happy Lifting! 🙂

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