10 Best Adjustable Kettlebells for Home Gyms in 2021


When it comes to working out indoors, and especially in a home gym setup, kettlebells are among some of the best options out there! They allow you to improve your strength as well as help you with cardio training. Kettlebells aren’t large and bulky and can be kept aside after use, saving you space as well – which is very important for a home gym. In this article, we shall be taking a closer and detailed look at some of the best adjustable kettlebells for home gyms in 2021. 

However, before we proceed with our review of some of the best adjustable kettlebells that you can buy online, we shall also be taking a detailed look at what kettlebells are, and understand the difference between a standard kettlebell and an adjustable kettlebell. Besides that, we shall also be looking at some of the most popular kettlebell exercises that you can perform in your home gym. Later in the article we also have a buyer’s guide which will help buy just the right kettlebell for all your needs.

So first up, what is a kettlebell? It is basically a cast-iron weight, usually circular in shape and has a handle on top using which you can lift it. Owing to their circular shape, these kettlebells allow you a wider range of exercises compared to traditional dumbbells or barbells. 

Kettlebells help you perform a large number of exercises – primarily focusing on your core, but also helping you work on your arms, glutes, legs and back as well. You can tone all these muscles by using kettlebells in your home gym. Given these are pandemic times and you might want to avoid going to a gym for the foreseeable future, using kettlebells is a great way to ensure that your muscles are toned. 

Kettlebells come in two distinct forms – a standard form where they have a fixed weight, and in another form, adjustable kettlebells, which allow you to increase or decrease their weights by inserting or removing weights based on your needs. In this article, we are going to focus on these adjustable kettlebells, as they are generally considered better and more practical, allowing you to control the amount of weight you are lifting. 

Best Adjustable Kettlebells for Home Gyms in 2021

Here’s a closer look at some of the best adjustable kettlebells that you can get hold of to use in your home gyms. These allow you to exercise indoors and work on your abdomen and core, as well as help you tone a number of other parts of your body. We have tried to provide as accurate a review as possible for these kettlebells and we hope this helps you make the perfect purchase!

1. Bowflex Home Gym Series Kettlebell

  • Weight range: 8-40 pounds
  • Access to 24 trainer-led videos
  • Dial for easy weight adjustment

One of the best options out there for anyone looking forward to buying an adjustable kettlebell for their home gym, this one comes from Bowflex, which is a major name in making fitness equipment. The kettlebell allows you a resistance ranging between 8 pounds to 40 pounds and allows you to train your core, as well as upper and lower body with ease. 

One of the best things about this is that the resistance and weight management is quite easy, allowing you to switch from 8 to 40 pounds by turning a dial. This is pretty easy and allows you to quickly switch between different kettlebell exercises. The weight settings of this Kettlebell allow you to exercise using 8, 12, 20, 25, 35 and 40 pounds of weight. Instead of using six different kettlebells for different kinds of exercises, you can use just this one to get your workouts done.

Another major advantage of getting this kettlebell for your workouts is that it offers you a great grip. The handle is quite ergonomically designed and has a very durable molding around the metal plates, making sure it remains firmly attached. Besides that, you also get access to 24 trainer-led videos that you can watch and learn how to get the most out of this kettlebell.


  • Easy to adjust resistance using dial
  • Replaces up to six kettlebells of different weights
  • Special access to trainer-led videos


  • Some users have reported problems with the dial locking up

2. Titan Fitness Kettlebell Weight Lifting Equipment

  • Six adjustable weights
  • Weight range: 10lbs to 40lbs
  • Slider-locking mechanism

This adjustable kettlebell from Titan Fitness is one of the best and the most premium options that you can find on Amazon for your home gym. You get six adjustable weights in the package, which allow you to set the weight of the kettlebell from 10lbs all the way up to 40lbs. This is a really good-looking kettlebell which will be just the perfect addition to any home gym.

The weight range is quite wide, allowing practically anyone to use it – from beginners to pro-trainers. The weights used here are made out of drop cast iron plates. The kettlebell also swings quite well and is extremely comfortable to use. The handle here is quite wide and very ergonomic, fitting just right into your palms without the risk of it slipping away. It measures 1.5 inches in diameter, is good to hold and is extremely sturdy. 

The locking mechanism is also pretty good and it ensures that you remain safe while swinging the kettlebell to work out. There’s a slider on the top, which has to be rotated to unlock the plates. Interestingly, the bottom of this adjustable kettlebell is a little flatter than most other kettlebells which are round. This makes keeping it on the ground and storing it quite easy. This kettlebell from Titan Fitness is great for people who want to work on their core body and abs, but also want to tone other parts of their body such as arms, shoulders, legs and glutes. 


  • Very well-designed locking system
  • Flat bottom for easy storage
  • Ergonomically designed handle


  • Expensive

3. Peakform Adjustable Kettle Bells Weight Set For Strength Training Exercise

  • Weight Range: 10lbs to 40lbs
  • Wide 1.5 inch handle
  • Can replace six standard kettlebells

A kettlebell that offers you the standard 10lbs to 40lbs range, making it a very versatile equipment, allowing beginners as well as professionals to practice on it. The body weighs 10lbs while it comes with six weights inside it, each weighing 5lbs. This essentially allows you to adjust the weight of this kettlebell from 10lbs to 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40lbs – depending on your need and your skill level. 

Another thing that is really great about this kettlebell is that you do not have to worry about it splitting open while you are working out. The locking mechanism is pretty similar to the Titan Fitness kettlebell that we have seen above: allowing you to lock the weights firmly and swing the whole thing around without any worries. Your safety is well taken care of here. The body is made out of a high-quality PVC and has a matte finish which gives the kettlebell a very modern look and makes it fit right into your home gym!

The 1.5 inch handle here is also quite similar to what we’ve seen in Titan Fitness above. In fact, the two kettlebells are extremely similar to each other – be it the locking mechanism, the number of plates, or even the handle. Besides that, both these kettlebells have a round bottom too. This Peakform kettle comes with a rubber padding on the bottom which makes sure that your floor does not get damaged when you keep it on the ground. One major difference between this and the previous kettlebell is that of the price, as the Peakform kettlebell is priced a little cheaper in comparison. 


  • Good looking exterior with matte finish
  • Strong locking mechanism
  • Padding on the bottom protects the floor


  • Rattling sound when performing overhead swings

4. LUBAN Adjustable Kettlebell

  • Weight Range: 5lbs to 20lbs
  • Minimal white color
  • Seven different weight combinations

A kettlebell which can easily replace seven other kettlebells in your home gym, this one comes from LUBAN and is quite a good-looking product. You don’t get to see many fitness equipment in white, which makes it visually appealing at first go! The kettlebell allows you to adjust a weight range beginning from 5lbs and going all the way up to 2lbs. This is one of the best options for anyone looking forward to toning their upper and lower body muscles, as well as working on their core strength from the comfort of their home.

There are six cast iron weight plates inside the kettlebell, each weighing 2.5lbs. The body itself weighs about 5lbs – and you get weight increments of 2.5lbs each. This allows you to use it in variants of 5lbs, 7.5lbs, 10lbs, 12.5lbs, 15lbs, 17.5lbs and 20lbs. This is half the weight of the ones that we have seen above and is meant more for beginners and for people who prefer lifting lighter weights. The locking mechanism is pretty decent too and keeps your safety as a priority.

To ensure that you get a good grip on the kettlebell, you get a handle with a diameter of 2.5 cm. This makes sure that your palm can hold on to the handle really well and it does not slip off mid-exercise. What also makes it a great fit for your home gym is the minimal white color it comes in at. There’s a flat rubber sole on the bottom which ensures that the floor isn’t really damaged when you keep it there.


  • Can replace seven standard kettlebells
  • Handle has a good grip on it
  • Flat rubber sole for easy storage


  • Frequent rattling sounds

5. Shanchar Adjustable Kettlebell Set,for Strength Training

  • Weight Range: 6.4lbs to 40lbs
  • Seven different weight settings
  • Dual layer security locking

When it comes to adjustable kettlebells, many of them look so similar to each other. Titan Fitness, Shanchar, Peakform, and Luban all make kettlebells which have a very similar form factor. However, the devil lies in the details and the difference between these four kettlebells can be seen in the weights. This one has a very similar form factor and a locking mechanism, but weighs between 6.4lbs to 40lbs. 

The weight increments here are not uniform. It begins from 6.4lbs, and then moves up in the sizes of 12lb, 18lb, 24lb, 30lb, 35lb and 40lb. There are some 6lb weight plates and some 5lb weight plates inside the kettlebell. Adjusting between them is quite simple and you can do it in under a minute, making workouts less tedious. There’s a dual-locking mechanism where you first have to pull out the security lock and then have to move the safety knob before you can add or remove weight plates inside this adjustable kettlebell.

The handle has a special curved design which makes it really comfortable for the human hand to grip it, as well as to swing it around without the fear of it accidentally slipping through and falling. It gives you a tight and comfortable grip, making it safe to be used. This is a flat bottom kettlebell which can be kept on the floor without you worrying about it rolling away.


  • Handle offers a good grip 
  • Attractive design for a home gym 
  • Flat bottom for easy storage  


  • Expensive

6. Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Exercise Kettlebell Weight Set for Strength Training

  • Weight range: 20 to 50lbs
  • Broad U-shaped handle
  • Comes with weightless spacer plates

After going through a large number of kettlebells that looked all too similar, we are now entering the zone of variety! This one straight-up looks quite badass and metallic – and something you’d see in a budget gym. The metallic body weighs 15lbs, and it comes with spacer plates inside it which carry no weight.

Basically, this is just a 20lbs skeleton (handle weighs 15lbs and the base plate weighs 5lbs) and you have to buy weighted plates separately – which usually come in variants of 2.5, 5, or 10lbs. This allows you to go from 20lbs to 50lbs on the same kettlebell based on how many weights you are adding. 

This is a very old-school and traditional product which comes with a central locking pin that has to be inserted and twisted to ensure that all the weight plates remain firmly placed inside it. The handle is U-shaped and all-metal and has a very smooth feel to it. The handle is a little wider than the actual body of the kettlebell, which gives you a gravitational advantage when you hold it with both your hands and swing it. 

This kettlebell from Apex allows you to work on your core, as well as your back, legs, arms and shoulders. There are a large number of exercises you can do with it – one-handed as well as dual handed. Made out of cast iron along with a powder coating, this kettlebell is indeed one of the best adjustable kettlebells that you can get for your home gym. 


  • Very durable build
  • Handle design makes it really great to hold
  • Effective locking mechanism


  • Weights need to be bought separately 

7. WYL Adjustable Kettlebell Weights Sets

  • Weight Range: 10lbs to 40lbs
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Replaces seven standard kettlebells

You’ve seen these kinds of kettlebells before but it is only until you use it that you realize what it is truly like! This one comes from WYL which is a relatively new entrant on the Amazon marketplace. It gives you a weight range ranging from 10lbs to 40lbs and is extremely easy to use, making it one of the most beginner-friendly adjustable kettlebells on our list.

The colorful and vibrant design makes it a great fit for any home gym as it comes in red, blue, orange, yellow and red+grey variants. The kettlebell has a flat rubber base which is a great design choice to make sure that your ground remains safe when you keep the kettlebell down. It also makes sure it does not roll away. 

This kettlebell has a 10lbs body and comes with 6 additional weights weighing in at 5lbs each. This gives you combinations that allow you to use it at 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs and 40lbs. There’s a safety lock on the top portion of this kettlebell which makes it possible for you to swing it without worrying about the lock opening up and the weights falling on you and ending up hurting you.

The handle of this kettlebell from WYL is also designed for a better grip and for you to lift, raise, swing, and move it around without worrying that it will slip away. This is an equipment that fits the needs of beginners as well as pro-gymmers. WYL may be a new entrant but it looks like this kettlebell is here to stay for a really long time! 


  • Good locking mechanism
  • Durable exterior
  • Good for beginners


  • Very expensive

8. Jpodream Adjustable Kettlebell

  • Weight Range: 5lbs to 12lbs
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Handle offers good one-handed grip

In a list where many kettlebells begin at 10lbs, this one has an upper limit of 12lbs. This is clearly meant for a completely different demographic. A kettlebell for people who don’t want to lift too heavy a weight but still want to stay fit. The attractive pink color which is used here is perhaps meant to attract female users. This is the most lightweight and portable kettlebell on our list.

You could use this kettlebell at 5lbs, or at increments of 8, 9 or 12lbs, depending upon how heavy a weight you want to lift. This isn’t something for hardcore workouts, but works really well if you just want to tone your body and get fit. There’s a flat base on the bottom of the kettlebell, which makes it stand firm on the surface. This makes it a great choice for seated workouts or for something like pushups with kettlebells. 

This Jpodream kettlebell is one of the best adjustable kettlebells for users who don’t weigh too much. It can be used to tone your chest, hips, arms, waist and legs – along with your abs and core body as well. If you don’t want the pink color, there’s a blue variant available on the Amazon web page as well. 

The handle here is pretty light and comfortable – and is best suited for one-handed grips, allowing you to swing it easily. It is also well suited for squats and twists among other forms of kettlebell workouts. Summing it all up, a good option for you if you’re looking for a lightweight kettlebell. 


  • Attractive pink color
  • Great kettlebell for beginners
  • Scope for a large number of workouts


  • Weighs very light

9. DPPAN Cast Iron Adjustable Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

  • Weight Range: 10lbs to 40lbs
  • Made out of 100% cast iron
  • Flat bottom for better support

If you are someone who’s looking forward to buying the best and the most elite kettlebell for your home gym, here’s a very premium but a very expensive option for you. With a weight range between 10 to 40lbs, this one is just the perfect addition to anyone who is ok with splurging an ungodly sum on a kettlebell. While this is something you’d generally see in high-end gyms, you could also use it for your home gym.

The structure itself weighs 10 pounds, and each weight plate adds 5lbs to it, giving you an upper weight of 40lbs. This is a very smooth kettlebell and there are absolutely no rough edges in this one. It is only upon touching it that you would realize how smooth and premium it actually is. This is made out of 100% cast iron which makes it extremely durable for indoor as well as outdoor training. 

This kettlebell has a smooth rubber-coated bottom, as we’ve seen with most other kettlebells on our list. This gives it stability as well as makes it go easy on your floor. Another aspect of this equipment that really stands out is the smooth handle on the top. It is wide on the top and narrow on the bottom, making it great for swings as well as squats. There’s a lighter 20lbs version also available on the same Amazon webpage if you are looking for a lightweight option.


  • Very premium construction
  • Safe and strong locking mechanism
  • Ergonomic handle for different workouts


  • Extremely expensive

10. Bibowa Adjustable Kettlebell Weights

  • Weight Range: 8lbs-40lbs
  • 9 inch wide handle 
  • Cast iron construction

Last on our list but not the least, this kettlebell from Bibowa goes all the way from 8lbs to 40lbs, allowing you a great option to work out using. This kettlebell can be used to tone your shoulder muscles, legs, arms, glutes, but primarily your core and abs. This is also effective in improving the strength of your back. 

One of the first things about this kettlebell that you must know before you buy it is that it is very durable. It can go on for years and years without giving you any problem. The red and black design on the cast iron body makes it quite an impressive product. You can adjust it from 8lbs up to 40lbs based on your needs and your experience level. 

The locking mechanism is quite simple and you have a knob lock on the top which you have to move to unlock the weights. You can then add or remove the weight-plates to reach the perfect weight based on your needs. The handle is wide enough to accommodate both your hands for getting a better swing on the kettlebell while working out. This is indeed one of the best adjustable kettlebells for home gyms and is a good investment!


  • Very durable
  • Safe locking mechanism
  • Replaces seven standard kettlebells


  • Makes a rattling sound while being swung

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Adjustable Kettlebells

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind when buying adjustable kettlebells. Knowing these will give you a 360-degree perspective into the product and help you make the best purchase that fits all your needs:

  • The Handle

You need to make sure that the handle uses good-quality materials, is comfortable to hold, and has a strong grip which won’t just slip away. It needs to have the right kind and the right amount of padding (not too much or too little). The handle also needs to fit your palms well. 

  • Adjustable Weights

The range of weights that you get when you buy these adjustable kettlebells also needs to be considered and kept in mind. If you are someone who is just starting out you might want to go for a kettlebell that goes from 5lbs to 20lbs. If you are an experienced lifter you might want to go for kettlebells that support a range going all the way up to 40lbs. This is an important decision that you need to make while buying an adjustable kettlebell. 

  • Locking System

Make sure that the locking mechanism is good before you make the purchase. While we have never had that experience and consider this a rarest of rare case, there are horror stories on the internet of a kettlebell opening up and the weights dropping off, so you might just want to be careful and go for one which has the best kind of a locking mechanism to ensure your safety while you work out. 

  • Material

You can find kettlebells made out of a lot of different materials – sometimes even plastic and rubber. However, getting a metal kettlebell is usually considered the best for working out. 

  • Color and Appearance 

Not that it makes much of a difference, but you might also want to get the right color and look which will go well with your overall aesthetic of your home gym. There are a large number of color options available out there if you look carefully. 

  • Cost and Warranty

Last but not the least, make sure that you are setting up a budget before you set out to purchase a kettlebell and stick to that. You can get them for sub-$50, sub-$100 and sub-$200 price points, so this is something you might want to keep in mind before you head out to purchase them. Warranty too, is quite important.

Best Kettlebell Exercises

These are some of the best exercises you can do while using kettlebells to tone your body and to get into a better fitness. We strongly recommend you to do these in consultation with a trainer and not go ahead to do it on your own as you might end up hurting yourself. You can also look up videos of these exercises on YouTube to get a better understanding of how to perform them properly:

  • The Goblet Squat

This form of kettlebell exercise helps you train your legs, back and core. Here, you have to hold the kettlebell at the point where the handles originate from the base, keep it at chest level, and then squat for about 12 to 15 times. Make sure your feet are at hip-width while you do this exercise. This can also help you tone your glutes along with the core and the lower body. 

  • The High Pull

A great way to work on your core, as well as your upper body including your arms and shoulders, the high pull is a simple kettlebell workout. Here, keep your legs a little wider than you did in the goblet squat position, meaning they are to be a little more apart than a standard hip-width. Perform a squat, and then lift the kettlebell, keep moving it till the handle reaches your chin, and then slowly keep it back to the ground. 

  • The Russian Swing

This is the most basic form of kettlebell exercise possible. You must have seen this frequently and this is something that a lot of people can be seen doing while working out using kettlebells. Here, keep your leg the way you would for a high pull, maybe a little wider than that too. Bend your knees slightly, and then lift the kettlebell in a way that your palms are facing you, keep both hands next to each other. Keep the kettlebell between your knees and swing it up and down. This is a workout which allows you to work on maximum possible muscles, including your shoulders, arms, glutes, hips, legs – and of course, your core. 

Standard Kettlebells vs Adjustable Kettlebells

So there are two types of kettlebells which you need to know about – standard kettlebells and adjustable kettlebells, but what is the key difference between the two?

Standard kettlebells are a single-solid-structure where you cannot increase or decrease the weight of the equipment. A 20lb kettlebell will remain that way. As opposed to that, an adjustable kettlebell is basically one where you can increase or decrease the weight of the equipment by adding or removing weights to the kettlebell. While standard kettlebells are something that entry-level trainers prefer, those who have been working out for a while should ideally move to these adjustable kettlebells as they give you a far greater control over the weight.

When it comes to storing them, adjustable kettlebells are far better because the weights can be removed and kept separately, thereby occupying a far smaller storage space. One advantage that the standard kettlebells have over adjustable kettlebells is that they are not noisy while adjustable kettlebells might have some clunky sounds due to moveable parts inside it. 

While they both have their advantages and disadvantages, we personally find adjustable kettlebells to be more useful because they can help you train better by adding or removing the weights. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Adjustable Kettlebells

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about adjustable kettlebells:

1. How much do adjustable kettlebells usually cost?

Kettlebells come in quite the range and their cost varies ranging from $40 to $200, with a few models going above or beyond the range, but a majority of these products come in this price point. 

2. What parts of my body can be exercised using a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is one of the most versatile exercise equipment that you can get your hands on, as it allows you a large number of different exercises (as we have seen above). You can use it primarily to tone your core and your abdomen. However, it also helps you train your glutes, legs, and calf muscles, as well as helps you focus on strengthening your back. 

3. Can I use a kettlebell if I have pre-existing medical conditions?

You are strongly discouraged to use kettlebells or any other gym equipment without consulting your doctor if you have a pre-existing medical condition. If you have issues related to your knees, neck, shoulder, hip, or back, then chances are that you might be advised to not use it. Besides that, pregnant women are also advised to not use kettlebells for working out. 

4. What are the differences between a kettlebell and a dumbbell?

First up, their physical form factor is very different from each other. That is the most obvious difference. However, that aside, there’s much more – for instance, the way you move them is a major differentiating factor. Dumbbells are used with slow and methodical movements, while kettlebells are more momentum-friendly and can be swung around. Besides that, the center of gravity of a kettlebell is not in your hands, while in the case of dumbbells, you hold them from their center of gravity. Kettlebells are used for endurance and power training while dumbbells are more strength and muscle-focused. 

5. Are adjustable kettlebells safe to use?

Yes, adjustable kettlebells are totally safe to use. It is a very common myth that people believe that the adjustable kettlebells open up and the weights fall. That is absolutely not the case and they are extremely safe to use. This depends upon their locking mechanism and practically all the names on our list come with a very good locking mechanism that can assure you maximum possible safety in case of a regular workout. 


We hope that this article helped you understand kettlebells in a much better and a more comprehensive manner. These adjustable kettlebells are some of the most fantastic equipment for toning your body, especially when working out in a home gym. Not only can you work on your core, but you can also work on your arms as well as your lower body while working out using a kettlebell. 

These are easy to store, easy to operate, and low maintenance too! All said and done, we hope you’ve found the best adjustable kettlebells for your needs here. For any other assistance, feel free to comment below or let us know over the mail and we shall get back to you as soon as we can! Till then…

…Happy Exercising! 🙂

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