BD-11 Power Rack Reviewed with Features [2021]


BD-11 Hard Power Rack is one of the strongest racks out there, being built on a frame of 2.5inch x 2.5inch 12 gauge steel, with a height of 82”, this power rack is the best buy for the hardcore lifters. This rack can be used for more than 17 exercises, because of the wide frame and the in-between space of 48” wide.

The BD-11 Hard Power Rack is equipped with 2 safety solid steel bars for support. For more stability, The BD-11 has a weld plate at the lower base of the rack. Made of solid steel, having 2 safety bars and one at the lower base, this rack is one of the most stable and sturdy racks for powerlifters, offering them security and safety.


BD-11 Hard Power Rack measurements are: 87 inches height, 48 inches width and 46 inches length, making this rack one of the biggest racks. Because of the solid 12 gauge steel that it’s made, despite the fact it is the biggest rack, it is also very stable. BD-11 Hard Power Rack can support more than 650lbs for people who like to heavy train their muscles. This rack also, is equipped with a pull-up chin-bar made of solid steel, with grips knurled and angled downward for avoiding the hands to slip.


As we said before, this rack is one of the most sturdy and stable rack, but still the strongest. The rack can be used for more than 17 positions such as squats, military presses, pull-ups and more. With an adjustable height of 18” to 82” this rack is the best choice for individuals that use a variety of exercises in their home.
With a shipping weight of 45 pounds, this rack is easy to assemble and easy to accommodate with it, once you have it. BD-11 Hard Power Rack can be used to strengthen your targeted areas of muscles such as: chest, arms, core muscles, legs and so. The BD-11 Hard Power Rack cost is slight over the 400$, which makes the rack a perfect buy for heavy lifters, people who want to shape their body or strength their fitness exercises. Being an affordable rack, it still offers you quality, which makes this power rack one of the strongest rack out there.

The BD-11 Hard Power Rack will blend into your home, and will bring you the requirements you need for day by day exercises you need to sharpen your body!

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