Atlas Power Rack Review


We can say about Atlas Squat Deadlift HD that is one of the most stable racks on the market, but in the same time the most gigantic racks out there. Made of heavy duty steel, this rack can support more than 800lbs. And within the price range, Atlas Squat Deadlift HD is one of the best buys on the market. The power rack weighs only 137lbs, making the rack perfect for moving around since it is so lightweight. The solid Atlas Squad Deadlift HD will help you work out safely while performing your bench press, curls, shrugs, squats and more. Having a wide design the rack offers you lots of side-to-side movements for a large variety of exercises.


Atlas Squat Deadlift HD comes equipped with 1” round solid safety steel pins. Painted with a chrome plated look, this rack offers you more workspace than the other racks of its kind. The rack has 28holes with 2” apart for the adjustments you need for your workouts. The rack is also equipped with a chin-bar on top, with knurling for a firm grip which also adds variety. The plate holders on the back are also great for stability, safety and storage. The measurements of the rack such as height of 83”, front outside opening of 48” and front inside opening of 47” makes the rack one of the largest and widest racks of its kind.


As we said before, this rack is huge. Yes, but in this price range, it’s the best of its kind. What makes it the perfect buy? The price of course, but in the same time, within this price range, so many ads. You can use the Atlas Squat Deadlift HD for a total of 28 positions which will make you accommodate to tons of different exercises and routines. The rack is easy to assemble, with a shipping weight of 191lbs. The chin bar is knurled, offering you stability and safety while performing. The 12 gauge steel that is made of, offers you the safety you need when performing your day-by-day exercises and workouts. A perfect choice for indoor training, this rack offers you a huge variety of workouts.This rack offers you quality but in the same time is very affordable, with a price slight over 220$, this is a best buy.

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