About Us

At the moment, my occupation is tied to powerlifting. Last year alone I have won a silver medal in my country (Serbia). My next goal is to reach and crush the current squat record.

This site was built out of my intention to share my training and equipment experience with people who are trying to dabble in strength sports. I have focused on the squat as the king of all compound exercises when it comes to building lower body strength and power. In my opinion, to fully reap the benefits of the squat as an exercise you need to use a squat rack. I will be covering this topic on the site in detail. Also, I plan to talk about other pieces of equipment that can help you develop strong legs, which include a smith machine, a leg press machine, a hack squat and other.

I have realized that people, especially beginners, are always troubled with the same kind of questions regarding squat racks. Unfortunately there is a lot of bogus and misleading information on the Internet. People often lose their money and time, sometimes even health, by using bad training equipment and following stupid workout routines. That said, I have written reviews that will help you buy just the stuff you need, including information about places where to find it and what prices to expect.

My plan is to use Squat Rack Tips to explain exercises and strength training routines for beginners as well as for professional. I’ll present you with some of the latest nutrition tips for strength, how to prevent stagnation and advance even more. There is always room for quality improvement of your form and technique, even when you think you have reached a plateau. You can always find a way to make progress.

In the professional World of sport I have witness, over the years, how many experts are pretty much reluctant when it comes to sharing secrets about training and equipment. Honestly I have no idea why they do that. I just knew I had to do something about it! So, here we are and thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment and I hope you’ll find this information useful.