Top 20 Best Power Squat Racks for the Money in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Hello and welcome! Have you ever wanted to exercise at home? We speculate that 90% of the gym rats would love to have their own power racks at home. After all, gym memberships aren’t free, are they? It would be cool to make a one-time purchase and be able to train at home when you want and how you want.

What holds most people back from having their own equipment at home is the belief that the top power racks cost an arm and a leg. But is that so? What if we told you that even the best power rack for home gym is pretty much accessible for anyone?

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No matter what is your budget, we hope that this list will help you to find the best power rack for the money. We carefully picked and reviewed the best power rack of every price range.

Some of them are oriented to deadlifters, while others are more of all-in-one power cages with the lat package included. Some even include the bench and the assembly tools, in case you prefer to buy everything from one seller (and save on shipping costs). We only review the best racks that do provide great value for the money.

Here are our expert’s reviews of 20 Top Rated Power & Squat Racks in 2021

1. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage is one, on which you’ve got two frames instead of one. This adds a lot to the stability and durability of the stand. It is shorter than most other power racks, making it a perfect choice for basements. It is really a budget-friendly products that can be chosen by any fitness lover for sturdiness, functionality, and style. Its 12-position adjustable bench is well padded and secure, while also being able to be folded for ease of storage.

No worry for safety as it has two 3 ¼ inch long chrome lock-on safety bars and two 23 -inch long chrome dual-mounted safety bars.

Make no mistake, however, like the fact that it’s overall ‘stature’ is somewhat shorter of that of its peers doesn’t mean this plucky contraption is any less stable!

It is a cage after all.

Perhaps one of its most impressive qualities would be that it can house no less than 800lbs forth o’ weights! That’s like supporting a plump adult grizzly bear on a rack in your basement. (Don’t do it, by the way, bears do NOT like to be in an enclosed space for a long period of time. Except during their hibernation, of course.)

Other than that, it’s important to mention that the bars of this contraption allows you to set your weights at 19 different levels. Also, the safety bars are compatible with the Olympic standard sitting pretty at 7 inches.

2. TDS Power Rack / Squat Cage

Yet another great power rack by TDS, this one comes in the shape of a cage. Cage racks require more space, but in exchange, they offer more safety, especially for high weight power lifting. Truth to be told, this rack is especially designed for heavyweights (up to 1000 lbs. It can be considered a semi-professional piece of equipment, since it is often used by serious powerlifters.

Sporting the height of 82.5 inches, this rack has 31 holes all of which are 2 inches apart and can be used to position the weights you’re using so that they match your height and lifting preferences.

Since it’s more of a cage than a rack (remember the 4 posts instead of 2), you don’t need to worry about hurting yourself on it as you approach its entrance to dump your weights. The walk-in space is wide enough for you to enter or exit easily, the TDS folks made sure that’s ensured.

3. Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

This is a great piece of equipment for beginners. It allows you to perform back and front squats, bench press, pull-ups, and leg lifts without any issues. It can hold up to 300lbs and it features a sturdy and durable design. Many users also report that Cap Barbell’s customer service is flawless.

The stand is extremely easy to assemble and it comes with all the required tools. It is lightweight, although this can be also a downside for those who are used to heavy kipping. If you plan on kipping, make sure someone is securing the stand. Optionally, you can attach it to the ground.

As for the frame itself, the folks at CAP Barbell have decided to throw in an extra durable coating to ensure the paint doesn’t get chipped or otherwise damaged in case it gets in contact with some of the weights.

To do this, they made their finish a three-stage on, so that if one layer gets damaged, the others will still be there to protect the steel beneath.

All in all, a sturdy piece of work that will serve your exercise pursuits for years to come!

4. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack w/LAT Pull Attachment and Other Bundle Options for a Complete Home Gym

Equipped ‘to the teeth’ with all kinds of bars, grips, and supporting structure, the Valor Fitness BD-7 power rack is a well-rounded piece of workout equipment that can pose as a centerpiece of your home gym.

Thanks to its versatile design, this rack allows you to organize it in several different ways so that you can do a number of different exercises using it! (This is great news for people who don’t really fancy buying a bunch of different products for this purpose.)

The top steel bar of this contraption can be used for pull-ups even if you’re a basketball-player sort of tall person. (It’s 86-inches tall, to be precise.) Some of the other exercises you can do using this bad boy would include sit-down rows, triceps extensions, squats, and of course, the aforementioned pull-ups.

The great thing about all of this would be that you’ll be completely protected from injuries while doing these exercises as the rack will support both your weight and the weights of the, well, weights you’ll be using!

For these reasons, this particular contraption can be a great option for a person looking for an all-in-one piece of workout equipment!

5. F2C Adjustable Height Power Squat Rack Cage Stand

If you’re looking for a simple piece of supporting equipment that will just hold your weights and be safe enough so that they don’t fall on your head when you take a break from your set, this Body Champ contraption can be a great option for you!

What it represents, really, is merely a ‘bare bones’ version of a support rack that will keep your weights tidily in one position so that you can pick them up easily when you need to. What you see is what you get with this one, pretty much.

For adjusting the height at which you want to lift your weights for, say, squats, there are two pairs of pegs which you can set at 12 different positions, depending on how high you want them to stand. The setup itself is a piece of cake as all you need to do is simply put them into a slot you fancy and position the inbuilt hook so that it rests on the bar.

At the bottom, there are 4 rubber feet which are there to ensure the whole thing can’t move and that it stands securely in one spot.

Maximum load of 300lbs, as well! What’s not to love?

6. Rep Short Power Rack – PR-1050 – 72 inches with Optional Dip Attachment

Here we have yet another four-barred power rack. (So, technically a cage, really.)

Thanks to its sturdy construction, this particular Rep Fitness product can withstand the weight of up to 1000 pounds on the bar hooks, as well as up to 400 pounds on pull-up bars and the dip attachments! Combine that with its 72-inch height and 7 different bar adjustment levels and you see how many options you’re working with here.

While the basic version of this product consists of only a single rack with all the bars and its mighty 1000-pound support structure, the folks at Rep Fitness have also made it possible to purchase it in combination with flat and adjustable benches, as well as with a specialized dip.

If you do opt for these, you can rest assured that these won’t malfunction horribly any time soon because all of them come with a warranty.

Rep flat bench has a 5-year warranty on frame, as well as the 90-day warranty on padding. As for the adjustable bench, you’re looking at a rather hefty 10-year warranty for the frame and a 1-year guarantee on the pads!

7. Titan Power Rack Squat Deadlift HD Lift Cage Bench Racks stand cross fit pull up

Made to be simple, tough, reliable, and somewhat mean-lookin’ even, the Titan Power Rack is a mighty workout contraption that will just sit quietly in your home gym and do its job when it needs to. Nothing more, nothing less.

In order to be able to support massive loads, this rack was made out of heavy-duty steel. So, thanks to this manufacturing choice, as well as the fact that it features four vertical bars rather than just two, this Titan Power Rack can comfortably withstand up to 700lbs of weights!

In order to ensure the safety of their customers, the folks at Titan Fitness have made an extra-wide front entrance, so to speak, so that the person working out using this rack can comfortably walk in and out of it while carrying their weights.

This is quite important, as inadequately positioned rack walk-ins can result in you bumping into the bars with your weights – and surely enough, that’s the last thing you want to happen during exercise. (It can be quite dangerous at times, as well, if you’re working with heavier sets!)

8. Best Fitness BFPR100 Power Rack

The BFPR100 is a very popular power cage for a reason. It is one of the most stable and safe power racks in the list. It won’t wobble when you’re doing pull-ups, even without any weights installed on it. Talking about weight, it supports up to 500 lbs, which makes it suitable for most people.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this power rack comes with a great assembly manual. It has all the required detailed instructions and illustrations, making the assembling process a cakewalk.

One of the things you might pick up from this manual is that this rack comes with quite an impressive 23 adjustment levels which are spaced at 3 inches each. There are also two safety bars you can use to lay your weights on when you’re not using them.

At the top, there’s also an integrated chin-up bar, if you plan to do some of these exercises.

All of this goodness comes as a part of the offer that includes a 3-year warranty on the frame, as well as a 1-year warranty for all the other parts combined.

9. TDS Power, Squat & Open Rack Station

This power rack is designed to hold up to 1000 lbs. Although it is sturdy and safe, some users report that they end up anchoring it to the floor. It might feel a bit unstable when doing pull-ups, but the issue is easily solved by installing a couple of brackets. Another option is to put some weights (for which it has two plate holders).

Since its shape is asymmetrical, pinning it down to the floor with additional screws and other supporting mechanisms can, indeed, be the safest overall solution.

The rear posts are 82.5 inches tall and they have 31 holes in them, so you can set your bat at a wide variety of different heights depending on how tall you are. The front posts, on the other hand, are 57 inches tall and they have 21 holes. (All of the holes are enumerated, so you can use them track the height at which you’re working.)

10. Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack

The T-2 is the perfect power cage for a basement or any other room with a low ceiling. This is probably the fullest rack you can get for the budget: it works with any exercises you can think of, you can add rings, ropes, bands, etc. It is very stable and works great for chin-ups, even if you kip a lot. Users report that this is the best choice if you are about 5’4″ tall.

Despite its rather simple structure, this model from Titan Fitness can nevertheless house up to 700lbs of weights, which is more than enough for a rookie or an intermediate user. (Structures that are able to support more weight are typically more expensive and elaborate, often featuring additional parts for other exercises and attachments.)

So, if you’re on the lookout for a simple yet sturdy piece of workout-supporting equipment, getting one of these contraptions might be just what you need!

11. Titan Fitness T-3 Series 82″ Power Rack

This one is the kind of equipment you find at most gyms. The solid metal cage can support a lot of abuse, and its design makes it extremely stable. It won’t move around or try to tip one way or the other. It features two pull-up bars and weight plate holders. Read more review about Titan Fitness Power Rack here.

With a weight capacity of over 1000 pounds, this durable piece of equipment will be able to support your every workout endeavor!

The rack itself comes complete with two additional J-hooks, as well as two bars for pull-ups. You can use these to adjust the height levels to your liking and do whichever exercises you like in whatever way you like.

Perfect for squats, pull-ups, working with barbells, dumbbells, you name it!

12. Rep Power Rack with Dual Pullup Bars

This product can be purchased in parts – you can choose what will be included in the package, thus the price varies from 50 to 650 dollars. This rack is perfect for those who do have a rack already and look for replacement parts and attachments, no matter how big or small they are.
Now, you can also purchase the whole rack with all the optional elements; this way you get a solid power cage that can support 700 lbs with two pull-up bars, each of which can support up to 400 lbs, a dip attachment, and an adjustable bench.

Although simple, this rack can be easily built upon and you don’t have to worry about damaging the posts and bars along the way, either!

In order to preserve its frame against bruises, chips, and other damage, the folks at Rep Fitness made sure to include a black matte protective finish. Looks good AND protects your rack.

Again, a great solution for someone looking to expand their home gym arsenal at an affordable price.

13. PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

The PPR200X is a tall power cage (6’10”), perfect for those who have enough space for a full-sized rack. It is easy to assemble and it offers superior protection. Users report that it can take a beating without bending or collapsing. If you are after safety, then this rack is hands down the best option in the price range.

Also, since it features 18 different levels of adjustment, you can always find your perfect arrangement depending on your height and preferences.

To ensure their customers are always well-covered against any faulty ware, the folks at Powerline have ensured their power rack comes with a hefty 10-year warranty on the frame, as well as a 1-year warranty for all the other parts combined.

14. Impex Marcy Platinum Power Rack and Bench

Made out of heavy-duty steel, the Marcy Platinum Multifunctional Power Rack represents a piece of equipment that can easily withstand plenty of weight without bending, breaking, or otherwise presenting peril to the person at the helm of the ‘workout operations’.

This is also one of the rare racks to actually include a padded seat which you can use to do a whole variety of seated exercises! (The seat can, of course, be adjusted in several ways so that you can make yourself comfortable and assume a good, supportive position that will allow you to get the most out of your workout.)

350 bucks is a good price for a full power rack. Now, what if we told you that the kit also includes a decent adjustable bench? With this power rack, you can do your dips, pull ups, deadlifts and squats the way you always wanted to. Users also report that the customer service for this product is excellent.

15. Deltech Fitness Power Rack / Squat Rack

The Deltech Fitness Power Rack is a great value for the money. While it does not come with any additional accessories, it is one of the sturdiest racks in this list. Many users report that the chin up bar can easily support 250+ lbs; the rack won’t wobble even if you don’t attach it to the ground. In brief, this is a solid buy.

This is mostly due to the fact that this contraption’s been made out of high-quality steel tubing that can support a bunch of weight without compromising on its sturdiness. Further on, this tubing has been additionally treated with a special coating which protects its surface and ensures its longevity.

On the other hand, at the bottom, there are four rubberized feet which have been put there to support the entire rack and prevent its massive weight from sliding and skidding about the place willy-nilly!

All in all, a simple and well-rounded product you should consider obtaining if you’re building up your home gym.

16. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

Are you planning on starting a 5×5 program? Is your equipment as powerful as your motivation? The BD-7 is a power rack that has all the equipment you need to start exercising today! It combines a power cage; a lat and low lat pull attachment, six hooks and four weight plate holders.

The bar itself allows you to set your weights at 17 different heights ranging from 7.5 to 85 inches in height. Therefore, you can use this same contraption to do both deadlifts and pull-ups!

If you wonder how the height of the bar is regulated on this device, there’s a pair of hook-like bar catches for this purpose and these are used thus:

1) Twist the hook and pull it towards yourself to dislodge it from the bar, and

2) Re-set it on a height at which you’d like it to sit.

17. Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack

With the looks that remind one of tough ‘n’ rugged men who inhabit those crabbing boats, this Powertec contraption represents the true definition of pluck and toughness!

Painted in industrial-style orange, this rack is not only a great workout piece for your gym, but also looks great and can represent an interesting exhibit as a piece of exercise-oriented furniture. What’s more, this contraption from Powertec is not only about looks as it’s able to withstand an enormous amount of pressure – some 1000lbs of it, to be exact. (That’s for the rack itself, the dip and chin-up bars can hold some 400lbs each.)

This power cage is meant for those who want to get serious about their home workout routine. The package includes everything you need to assemble the rack and start using it right away. It includes both chin-up and dip bars, and it also features signature Powertec gravity lock catches to enhance your security.

18. Body-Solid Pro Power Rack

If you are after a really sturdy power rack, then the Body-Solid Pro is right for you. It was especially designed for powerlifters – it holds up to 800 lbs of weight and it does not wobble thanks to its 11 gauge steel tubes and above-average weight.

In order to ensure a comfortable and secure workout area, the designers at Body-Solid have ensured that their power rack has enough of a walk-in room, so that you can enter it easily and without worrying you’ll bump into a post with 200lbs worth o’ weights on your shoulders.

(On a serious note, such an incident can lead to serious injuries, so your safety while working out on a rack and especially while you’re lifting heavy weights should not ever be taken lightly!)

To wrap this section up, a rack which can withstand a lot of weight, 20 adjustment holes, and a wide walk-in space- what’s not to love?

19. Body-Solid Power Rack and Lat Package

This is an all-in-one home gym solution. It combines a power cage with a pull-up bar, a lat bar, and a low row bar. You’ve got all the essential equipment you need with this power rack! The kit includes the 200 lb weight stack and all the bars.

The weight stack plates are made out of cast iron and can be added or removed whenever you feel like it.

If you plan to use this rack for pull-ups, for example, you should know there are 20 different levels of adjustment that are available, and since the height of this contraption sits at 85 inches, that’s roughly where the tallest of the holes sit as well.

The great thing about this product is its rather generous lifetime warranty, which means that should anything go wrong with this product, the Body-Solid folks behind it will help you deal with it!

20. HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage

Coming from a company that sports the rather amusing name of Hulk Fit, this multifunctional adjustable power cage is a piece of equipment that enables you to do a wide variety of exercises.

Whether it’s pull-ups, squats, or some other form of body-building workout regimen, this contraption will be able to provide it all and then some to anyone tough enough to start using it.

To ensure your utmost comfort and security, the folks at HulkFit have made all sorts of adjustments to their initial design. For example, you get security bars, foam handles to protect your hands while you’re working out, and then even rubber feet at the bottom of the frame to keep it from skidding about the floor!

Other than that, let’s just mention that the base of this HulkFit contraption is made to be in the shape of an H so that you get maximum stability and safety while using it.

On top of all, this cage can withstand the weight of up to 1000 pounds, meaning that no matter level of workout prowess you are, so to speak, you can still make great use of it and grow even stronger with one of these on your side!

Why should you have a power cage?

Most power cages have a feature that differentiates them from the equipment of the typical modern gym: they allow you to work on compound exercises. Compound exercises are those that involve several muscle groups, for example: Bank Press, Dominated

The particularity of these exercises, unlike the isolated exercises, is that they trigger the production of two key hormones for muscle development: growth hormone and testosterone. But they still have an additional advantage over the typical exercises with pulley machines or Smith machines, and that is that you work on balance and coordination. This allows you to have, besides a muscular body, a functional body and more immune to injuries. Can you ask for more?

This being said, here are some of the benefits of using a power rack:


In order to get the most out of your workout sessions, you must include a wide variety of exercises.

Using a power rack, you can do pull-ups, bench presses, dips, squats, and a multitude of other exercises.

Easy to Use

One of the benefits a power rack provides is the capability to do squats without endangering your lower back.

You see, when doing squats, you often find it difficult to get the bar on your back, not to mention the hassle of putting it down again.

With a power rack, however, you can manipulate the bar much easier.


Due to the way the are built, power racks can help you prevent serious injury if configured properly.

Most power racks come equipped with safety pins on each side that you can set to whatever height you desire, catching the barbell if or when something goes wrong.

Furthermore, the safety pins on the sides allow you to work out by yourself without someone spotting you.

…And Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

A lot can be said about the benefits of using a power rack, but what about the downsides of using one?

Space Requirements

We talked about earlier about how important it is to look for a power rack that would fit inside one of your rooms and why you should avoid bulky ones.

However, it has to be said that regardless of model or manufacturer, pretty much all power racks are considerably large compared to other fitness equipment.

Therefore, you would do best to make sure that you have enough space for a power rack before buying one.

You might think that a power rack is all you need, but what about the weights, bars, and all the additional equipment required by most racks?Needless to say, if you are serious about working out using a power rack, then expect to pay extra for every accessory that power racks require over time.

A power rack by itself is not entirely functional without the accessories that go with it.For instance, to get the full benefits of using a power rack, you will at some point be required to purchase barbells, weights, or benches. Although not immediately, you can expect these additional accessories to have an impact on your budget while taking up additional space.


You might think that a power rack is all you need, but what about the weights, bars, and all the additional equipment required by most racks?

Needless to say, if you are serious about working out using a power rack, then expect to pay extra for every accessory that power racks require over time.

Additional Equipment

A power rack by itself is not entirely functional without the accessories that go with it.

For instance, to get the full benefits of using a power rack, you will at some point be required to purchase barbells, weights, or benches. Although not immediately, you can expect these additional accessories to have an impact on your budget while taking up additional space.

Power Rack Buying Guide

Depending on the manufacturer, level of quality, or size, your experience with a power rack can range from great to horrible.

This is precisely why you should always think ahead before making any sort of purchase because you don’t want to be stuck with fitness equipment that you barely ever use.

Is it the right size?

You may not think that power racks come in such a variety of sizes but they do.

If, for instance, you are a short guy, you might not want to purchase a rack that has a pull-up bar 8 or 9 feet off the ground. This is precisely why it is very important to consider the height, depth, and width of a power rack before making any decision.

As a rule, cheap power racks are shorter and narrower than expensive ones.

Will it fit?

Another thing to consider when buying a power rack is whether not it will fit inside your home.

Some power racks are quite tall by design and the store selling definitely has taller rooms than your house. This is also important to keep in mind when choosing a rack by looking at pictures on the internet, because there isn’t really a standard for how tall people’s rooms should be.

Therefore, it is advised to always ask about the rack’s dimensions before proceeding with the purchase.

Is it easy to adjust?

It is very important for a power rack to be easy to use and adjustable.

When dealing with fitness equipment, you may sometimes find it harder to adjust to your needs, especially if the equipment is bulky and nonadjustable. For example, you might want to change the pin and pipe safety system at some point.

When that moment comes, you want to be able to upgrade to spotter arms or straps without having to improvise.

Does it come with the right accessories?

Some power racks may come equipped with a multitude of accessories other than the ones you want.

Do not get fooled by the seemingly ‘great’ features the manufacturer advertises, what you want is a power rack that fits your every need.

You might have to look harder, you might have to pay extra, whatever the case, always try to get the rack that you consider to possess the right features.

Does it have anchor holes?

If you intend to perform kipping pull-ups or if you intend to attack a dip station, you should definitely ensure that you can first anchor the rack down.

Truth be told, only a few power racks lack the capacity to do so, but you still have to make sure that your desired power racks features the capacity to be anchored to the foundation or a lifting platform.

Does it come with a stabilizer?

Like we already said, power racks are supposed to be anchored down. This being said, some racks have a stabilizer bar positioned along the bottom backside of the racks, keeping the rack stable when it is not anchored.

We have to point out that this particular bar has almost no business being there when you are working out, thus it is very important for it to be removable or extremely thin.

How is the rack shipped and how much does it cost?

Before making any sort of purchase, you should first find out how the rack is packaged upon delivery and exactly how much is this all going to cost?

Some power racks come in pieces, requiring you to assemble all the pieces together before using it. Some racks, on the other hand, are completely welded except maybe for the cross members.

It is important to know whether the rack comes in pieces or if it comes as a whole because it greatly affects how much the shipping will end up costing you.

Power Racks Alternatives

While power racks are ideal for anyone looking to work out as safely as possible within the comfort of their own home, they might not always have enough space to accommodate such equipment.

Fortunately for them, there are quite a few alternatives to power racks, fitness equipment that is designed to do pretty much everything a power rack can do without taking as much space.

  • Squat Rack
  • Squat Holds
  • Half Racks
  • Smith Machine

Power Rack VS Squat Stand

There are two main reasons why people consider getting a squat stand instead of a power rack. The first reason is money, and it makes sense for someone to want to spend less on equipment if possible, but this is quite a wrong attitude to have.

You can, indeed, get a squat stand for less money than a power rack but you will hardly get the same work done with one, not to mention how limited it is in terms of features and overall safety.

Another reason why people sometimes prefer a squat stand rather than a power rack is space. They lack the space to fully accommodate a power rack and they choose a squat stand instead, but a squat stand takes up roughly the same space minus the width. This being said, do not think that a squat stand will magically save you space if you don’t have enough space for gym equipment to begin with.

Commercial Squat Racks

There are some who for some reason choose a commercial squat rack thinking it possesses better features than a regular power rack, well, they’re wrong.

Not only are commercial squat racks more expensive than your average power rack but they’re also quite bulky and take up a lot of space. Furthermore, not only do they not come equipped with better features than an average power rack, but they sometimes miss essential components as well.

For instance, most commercial squat racks don’t even feature a pull-up bar or the capacity to adjust the bench height.

Half Racks

Similar to power racks, half racks are a bit smaller in size but just as useful overall. While lacking the inside depth of a power rack, a half-rack uses four uprights as well, which is enough to give the device structural stability.

Some people tend to look at a half-rack as a budget alternative to a regular power rack but as long as the manufacturer is reputable, you won’t be saving that much after all.

Interestingly enough, half racks offer onboard plate storage, similar to any good power rack. Unfortunately, due to their size, they lack the pipes that power racks use, thus needing a spotter to help you work out. Because of this, it would help you to look at a half-rack as a slightly better squat stand, one that features greater stability overall. Still, although they are slightly more stable than a squat stand doesn’t mean that they possess the same qualities of a power rack.

All in all, half racks do save you quite a lot of space compared to a full-size power rack, but they do not offer smaller footprints by any means. This being said, a good half rack can act as a storage for plates as well, thus being better than your average squat stand or power cages.

Therefore, if you are looking for a space-saving alternative to power racks and power cages then a half rack is the way to go.

Homemade Power Racks

We have reached the point where it would only be fair to say a few words about those who, for some reason, decide to build a power rack themselves. Either to save money, or simply to see if they can, some people resort to building their own equipment.

Needless to say, as impressive as a homemade power rack may look, it is miles away from the safety levels of a professionally-built one.

As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why people buy a power rack to begin with is to benefit from the safety and sturdiness it provides.

With a homemade power rack, no matter how well it was built, you are never going to achieve the same levels of stability and security. In fact, unless the person making it has enough knowledge of structural engineering, they might actually endanger themselves by using such a device.

Long story short, unless you are an extremely talented engineer with the right tools available, you are better off buying a well-made power rack from a reputable manufacturer. Not only because of how dangerous it may be, but also because of how expensive the materials may end up costing you, along with the time you have to put into making it.

What criteria do I have to evaluate to choose between the power cages of the market?

The power cage is the element that you will invest the most in your gym. Its structure must be prepared to withstand great weight and offer maximum safety.

In this section you will know the main elements to take into account before deciding on one. It is important that you consider the accessories that it incorporates, the weight it supports or the grips it integrates.

Think it is an investment for time. That’s why some manufacturers usually give a 10-year guarantee on the structure .


Some understand power cage as a mere safety support for squats. But it is much more than that. Well equipped, it allows you to execute the best exercises to develop your muscles.

These are the accessories you can use the most:

  • Most power cages on the market have it (all of which I present here have one).
  • Anchors at half height to be able to do Press banking (all that I present you have them).
  • Superior anchors to make Military Press (all that I present you have them).
  • Bars for parallel funds. This is not so critical because you can buy some supports (like these ) that you can anchor on the wall.


The first thing you have to find out is the space you have available at home.

Once you know the maximum hole you can enable, you have to look at the dimensions of the cage. Bear in mind that in the dimensions specified by the manufacturer, the bar with the discs , which will protrude from the sides, is not taken into account .

In cases where space is a problem, you have the option of using something more compact than a complete cage: a half cage . In this article I propose some.

Maximum weight

Normally, the muscles of the legs are those that move more weight. But that, I recommend that you write down the maximum weight that you can move in a squat to size the cage.

For example, if you are able to load 100 Kg in squats, I would recommend that the cage support at least twice the weight you are able to move .

Most complete power cages have a maximum load capacity of 300 Kg, which is more than enough. However, some half cages have greater limitation.

Security supports

The safety supports are the most important part of the cage. Something that you should notice is if they are easy to move, so that the exercise change is quick.

But the most important thing is the type of coupling. Usually, you will find these types:
Generally, less secure support allows you to carry less weight. But the biggest problem is that the lock does not lock. I do not recommend it if you plan to use the cage to do heavy squats (more than 100 Kg).

Price range

You do not need to spend a lot of money to have a power cage in conditions. While it is true, it is what you will spend most to mount your gym.


We have reviewed the best power racks ranging from 70 to 700 dollars. While good equipment costs a lot, the budget power racks we listed are decent too. No matter what is your budget, there is no excuse for you to keep wasting your money on that gym membership. You can start exercising at home today!

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