Valor Athletics Inc. BD – 7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Review


As the name says, The Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack is the must have for peoples that want to take their workouts to the next level. Yes, you heard right … next level. This rack offers the possibility to make over 18 different positions on bar supports ranging. This rack is the all-in-one station for your exercises, making them more effective and with less time be consumed. The rack holds a weight capacity of 500lbs which makes it great for lots of regimens with a wide variety. The rack is designed for you, which allows the main frame to double as a chin-bar. The rack offers you a steel frame very sturdy, 2 steel squat bars, and 4 adjustable weight-bar supports. The Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack is the best choice for peoples that want to step up their exercises and gain their “ripped” look!


The Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack offers you safety with his 1” steel bars, which guaranteed will hold any weight that you lift. The main frame measures 2” x 2” being made on a 12-steel gauge, that’s what make the rack strong, firm and durable. You have an inside space of 23.5 inches for your exercises, with a side to side measures of 43.5 inches. The rack offers rubber base caps and metallic pewter finishing. The rack offers you 4 solid steel chrome adjustable weight bars and 2 solid steel squat bars.

The Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack offers you 4 plate storage legs, being situated on the back of it taking two pegs with a long of 8 inches. The space for your exercises is wide since the rack offers an outer measure of 47” in depth, 63.5” in width and 82” in height, with an inner of 39” in depth, 43.5” width, 80” height and only weights 135 lbs. The lat pull can handle easily 250lbs and the max weighs for the bar holder is 500lbs.
The frame material is made from metal, painted with a black / chrome color.


Valor Athletics BD-7 Power rack is your next level in terms of exercises! Weight lifting? No problem, because this rack offers you everything you need for your day to day training, allowing you up to 17 adjustments. For your security, the two steel safety bars are sturdy so you can rely on it. It is sturdy, but in the same time it is affordable. The price is low for racks of this type, under 500$ and will make you lose less time while you will do your home training, instead of going to gym.