TDS Power Rack Review


TDS Power Rack 72 Inches High it’s the perfect choice for apartments with low ceilings and still a good piece for your day by day workouts. This rack is smaller than the other racks, but that’s what gives it the big advantage for the individuals who want to take the fitness gym in their houses.

TDS Power Rack is equipped with 1” solid steel bars that give you safety and can support more than 1,000 pounds. This rack is solid and can give you stability when you work out. Because of its solid and large frame, you have the guarantee that this rack will not tremble, shake or rattle when you will use it.


TDS Power Rack 72 Inches High is equipped with J Hooks, very good for your weightlifting safety. With 25 holes that are adjustable and space of 2” between the holes, makes this rack perfect for a variety of exercises and workouts. Equipped with a chinning bar professionally placed in the back. Having measurements of 57” width, 49” depth and 72” height this rack will not let you down!


The best thing about the TDS Power Rack 72 Inches High is as the name says the height. This makes it perfect for lower ceilings rooms. Being made from a sturdy steel, it provides the safety you need. You can do your pull-ups, bench presses, squats, roles, etc. without having any problems.

The rack will not shake or rattle. Easy to assemble, comes in 2 boxes, weighting only 120pounds. Its weight makes this rack easy to move around, easy to switch between your rooms. With a price slight over 200$ this rack is a best buy for beginners, regulars and hard work individuals who want to start their fitness sessions indoor.

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