Best Fitness Body Solid Power Rack Review


Body-Solid Best Fitness Power Rack is one of the tallest racks. Having a height of 82”, this power rack will look tall at the first sight, but still wide enough to make you, even the tallest people accommodate with it. This rack is capable to hold over 450lbs and with a width of 46.5 inches, makes it the perfect rack even for the tallest people. Body-Solid Best Fitness Power Rack offers you value and quality making it the best choice for individuals who love to make fitness in their homes, but still you will see one in almost all the gyms, which makes this rack a must have for you!


As all the racks above, Body-Solid Best Fitness Power Rack offers security and safety, being equipped with a 2 adjustable safety bar with full length and 2 adjustable lift offs. Body-Solid Best Fitness Power Rack as the name say, it’s a solid rack, made of 14 gauge 2” x 2” frames. This rack offers you 23 positions spread by wholes of 3”, making this rack the perfect choice for heavy lifters and people who want to maintain their body in shape! Body-Solid Best Fitness Power Rack comes with the measurements of 45.5” length, 46.5” width and 82” length, making it one of the largest racks, but still one of the best choice for any kind of individuals.


Body-Solid Best Fitness Power Rack offers a high level of safety and security, because it’s made from heavy 14 gauge steel which makes it great for people that want to lift weights up to 500lbs. The 23 positions ensure you a proper standing when you do your day-by-day exercises, or when you try to take your fitness to the next level. Painted with a durable power coat finish, which makes the rack nearly impossible to scratch, but in the same time not slippery. This rack has a shipping weight of 117lbs and is very easy to assemble, also very solid engineered for more safety and security. Having those measurements, Body-Solid Best Fitness Power Rack is the best choice even for the largest individuals, making it a best buy for every type of people, willing to do their fitness indoors.

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